Sunday Link-Off: Data Tracker

sabriane-brandao-wonderbra14-03Good news! Doctor Who returned last night with a new Doctor! Even better news! Formula One is back from its summer break this morning. Actually, barring a monsoon, a safety car or a red flag, they should be two-thirds of the way through the race. I’ll have the latter written up tomorrow and the former later this week.

For now, it’s Sunday so that means that we’re going to do the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Sabriane Brandao.

Given what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri, it might surprise you to hear that statistics on police killings are surprisingly sparse. (FiveThirtyEight)

To help with that lack of police killing data, the folks at Deadspin are crowdsourcing data to answer that question. (Regressing)

Fark is trying to ban misogyny from the website. It’s not going particularly well. (Washington Post)

An Australian comedian might have talked his way into sending a dozen members of the Westboro Baptist Church to Iraq to protest Muslim beheadings of Christians. This should end well… (Daily Mail)

When I was growing up, the winter was for hockey and summer for unorganized running around. Kids now don’t get that time off. Youth sports is now a year-long endeavor. (New York Times)

It’s been a long first year for Fox Sports 1 marked by low ratings and internal fighting. At least FXX can show The Simpsons to make money. (The Big Lead)

Fantasy football used to be something for the diehard football fans. Now, it’s a billion-dollar industry that’s been taken over by the mainstream of the NFL. Fantasy football, in its original incarnation, is dead. (Sports on Earth)

The Toronto Blue Jays are suing Creighton University because they think that Creighton’s logo is too close to theirs. (No Coast Bias)

Lorne Michaels has been making TV for NBC for the last 40 years. As he turns 70, you’d expect he’d slow down a bit. Instead, he’s producing 13.5 hours of programming per week for NBC. (Grantland)

Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide is coming to an end because of the internet. Thanks, Al Gore. (AV Club)

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? might get credited as a Nickelodeon show but it was actually a Canadian show. That’s why this list of future stars who appeared on the show is made up of mostly Canadians. (Mental Floss)

I’m working on a column about the Ice Bucket Challenge but here are a couple of pretty good ones. Here’s Don Cherry and Jeremy Clarkson/


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