Wednesday Link-Off: The Important Questions

jenna-coleman-london14-02I haven’t thrown it in the links today but did anyone else see that epic SummerSlam main event. It was a 20-minute masterclass in professional wrestling and it will go down as the match of the year. Of course, no one in Canada watched it because the state of the WWE Network in Canada is terrible because they can’t just do the same digital offering as they do in America even though they own all the content.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Since Doctor Who is back on Saturday (and reviews of the new Doctor Who season are coming next week), here’s Jenna Coleman.

How bad are things getting in Ferguson, Missouri? Amnesty International is deploying a human rights team in the US for the first time ever. (The Independent)

Now police in Ferguson are going around without any identification on. How can police be held accountable when the only way they can be identified is by saying the pudgy, balding, middle-aged white one? (Vox)

Time Inc. has found a new way to evaluate its writers. They’re rating them based on value to advertisers. The sad state of journalism in 2014. (Gawker)

Pop quiz! How much does it cost to raise a kid in America now? A recent study suggest it will be upwards of $250,000 for a kid born last year. (Associated Press)

Ten years after the incident, Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore have reached a settlement over the infamous mugging. (Yahoo Sports/Canadian Press)

Sportsnet has dropped most of its coverage of the CIS. It might be for the best because the OUA was subsidizing that coverage for Sportsnet / The Score. (CIS Blog)

Is the sports blogging boom dead? Yes and no. The little fan blogs are gone but BIG BLOG is moving in, at least in the soccer space. (World Soccer Talk)

Would be NHLer Kevin Hayes isn’t going to sign with the team that drafted him but will attempt to find a new team on as open a market is available to rookies. That begs the question of whether rookies owe anything to the teams who draft them. (Puck Daddy)

The Dallas Cowboys were going to draft Johnny Football until Jerry Jones’s son ripped the draft card with Manziel’s name out of his hand. (Dallas News)

When I travel for my day job, the most awkward thing is having to dine out alone. Fortunately, some restaurants are working on fixing that. (The Guardian)

Starting tomorrow, FXX is running a 12-day marathon of every Simpsons episode ever. Your Labour Day weekend plans are set, America. (Warming Glow)

John Oliver gets the damn thing done. Here’s his take on the situation in Ferguson.


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