Sunday Link-Off: Life in the Fastlane

ronda-rousey-si16-01bIt’s been an interesting week for me though I’m sorry that I let the blogging get a little lax as a result. I had a work trip that didn’t leave me any free time for most of last week and I came back to a bad cold/flu. I’ve spent most of the weekend either sleeping or laid up. It’s not exactly what one would call a fun time but I’m here with the weekend links so that’s got to count for something. 

Anyway, it’s Sunday so you’re here for the links. Let’s kick things off with one of three SI Swimsuit cover girls, Ronda Rousey.

The opposition is trying to do their job and stop Canadians’ honeymoon with Prime Minister Trudeau and the governing Liberal Party. That’s only resulted in a recent poll giving Liberals 49% of potential votes in a hypothetical election which would result in them winning 70% of seats. (Toronto Star)

I live on the border of the US. Before the bottom fell out of the dollar, a lot of people crossed the border to shop for damn near everything, exchange and duties be damned. That’s because competition among American business still made things cheaper over there. That same competitive spirit doesn’t exist as strongly among businesses. (CBC)

If you were to ask me if I would pack up The Lowdown and et geekera if BuzzFeed Canada offered me a full-time job analyzing video games, I would strongly consider it. They wouldn’t do that because I’m a white man and they aren’t interested in white men. (Mediaite)

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Sunday Link-Off: 14 Seconds of Links

Okay, this isn’t a 14-second post but who knows? Maybe you’ll just skip to the end where we have the whole damn Ronda Rousey / Cat Zingano fight to watch in a GIF. I missed the fight and was worrying about catching a video this morning but I didn’t expect it to be that easy to watch the fight. Joe Rogan’s first post-fight question to Cat was longer than the damn fight.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. It’s only appropriate to start this post with Ronda Rousey.

Until this week, you may not have known that Prince Edward Island was looking into launching online gambling. Then the plan went so wrong that Robyn Doolittle is doing a report on it. (The Globe and Mail)

Bill O’Reilly has gotten off comparatively lightly for lying when compared to others. Maybe that’s because it seems to be a force of habit. (Daily Dot)

Prime Minister Harper said that a Muslim woman should have been forced to remove her niqab when taking the Canadian citizenship oath. Not everyone is happy with that remark. (CBC News)

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Entertainment Link-Off: Newsbeat

Hello folks. I don’t want to cause a panic but I’ve drawn in for Jackie this week. He’s off to the Melbourne International Film Festival this weekend. Hopefully he has a few reviews and quick thoughts on some of the movies he sees this weekend. As we know from his 2013 Brisbane International Film Festival coverage, he certainly gets his money worth at these festivals.

So it’s time for this week’s best links from the worlds of entertainment and pop culture. We have more about the death of Robin Williams, the juxtaposition of a new release and the protests in Ferguson, and more TV and movie news.

First, since The Expendables 3 premieres this weekend, here’s new star Ronda Rousey. Hopefully we eventually get her female Expendables movie.

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Entertainment Link-Off: Show Me the Money

ronda-rousey-maxim13-03Jackie’s off this weekend and I’ve drawn in. As tends to be the case when I do the ELO, I don’t have any good new releases to talk about this weekend. Sure, Denzel’s got a new movie with Marky Mark but it doesn’t sound like 2 Guns is a great film. If you’d rather completely melt your brain out your ear, you can always check out The Smurfs 2. Poor NPH getting stuck with this.

Let’s start off today’s links with UFC Women’s champ and Ultimate Fighter coach Ronda Rousey.

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