Entertainment Link-Off: I Am Everywhere

eliza taylor belloStar Lord and his gang are doing huge business at the box office this weekend and is raking in more cash than expected. It’s certainly good news given that the flick is quite enjoyable! Anyway, gonna kick off the ELO with someone totally unrelated to the flick. Instead it’s the star of CW’s The 100, here’s Eliza Taylor. 

After the jump, some more tidbits on Guardians of the Galaxy, some new trailers to check out, TMNT’s marketing in Australia struck the wrong chord, catch a preview of the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover, and there’s an awesome Samuel L. Jackson supercut.

Cashing in on the Guardians of the Galaxy buzz… (Twitter)

Turns out Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t all that well known since some theatres managed to screen the wrong movie, as they mistaken the Marvel movie for a certain Dreamworks animated feature. (Slashfilm)

Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy crossover in the works? Hells yes! (Yahoo)

Kevin Feige revealed that we should expect a 3 year wait between Avenger films. (Slashfilm)

Something to look forward to this Christmas! Teaser trailer for Disney’s Into the Woods! (Apple)

New trailer for The Maze Runner is certainly more action packed! (Yahoo)

Skull Island caught fans at Comic-Con by surprise. Heck, it was so surprising, even Peter Jackson didn’t know about it! (Collider)

Sure Con Air was a hit back when it came out in 1997 but it looks like Simon West wants to revisit this and take the action into space! (Screen Daily)

If you’re wondering which Doctor had the longest screentime out of all the docs on Doctor Who, this info graphic will give you a better idea. (Slashfilm)

WTF whoops of the day? The Aussie poster for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles accidentally references 9/11. (Cinema Blend)

Why “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is the next generation of late night. (Indie Wire)

New Interstellar trailer shows some new footage without giving anything away from the movie. Oh use the code 7201969 to access the clip. (Interstellar)

Sure the whole thing about Jim Parsons quitting The Big Bang Theory was one big internet hoax, but that doesn’t mean there ain’t drama behind the scenes. Production has been delayed and it’s all about the moolah! (Deadline)

One more final trailer for The Expendables 3 before it hits theatres this month!

Is it just me or does the upcoming Spongebob live action flick look incredibad?

Here’s the Arrow season 3 trailer, updated with a tease of Ra’s al Ghul.

Catch five minutes of the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover.

A supercut featuring Samuel L. Jackson saying “motherfucker” 171 times.


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