Sunday Link-Off: The True Story

anais-pouliot-urbanoutfitters14-33There have been two stories dominating the North American news cycle this week. The Americans are trying to sort out the economy and are arguing over how to make money off of corporate taxes. That economic concern is preventing them giving aid to Israel in their battle in Gaza. Even through the stories are on opposite sides of the world, they’re still connected.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Since it’s a holiday weekend here in Canada, let’s start with a Canadian model to start this post. Here’s Anais Pouliot.

Legalized tax dodging is a billion dollar industry in America. Corporations can dodge taxes but if you’re a person who attempts to dodge taxes, hellfire and brimstone will rain down upon you. (Think Progress)

The Democrats are trying to close that loophole but the GOP say that if tax rates are lowered, they wouldn’t have to close that loophole. Yeah, let’s decrease the revenue from all the corporations and politely ask them to stay to increase our tax base. That makes perfect sense. Idiots! (Washington Post)

And the elected members of the United States government are getting along so well, they can’t even figure out how to deal with the situation in Israel and Gaza. (Politico)

An AFP writer just finished up her assignment in Gaza and talked about the horrors she saw that resulted from the conflict. (AFP)

Alleged moderate pundit David Frum doesn’t believe reports of the horrors in Gaza. He would be a fool to think that. (Reason)

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Navy has been slowly aging and falling into a state of disrepair over the year as the Government misplaces its military priorities. (MacLean’s)

I think we mentioned this a while ago but Jesse Ventura was suing a deceased Marine for defamation. Well, he won $1.8 million. How did he pull this off and what does this mean for the future of defamation suits. (The Fix)

The Washington NFL Team is so desperate to drum up support for them and their name, they started their own “grassroots” fan website. (Slate)

Sports Illustrated likes throwing its media critics at everyone when they get a chance. However, they’re pretty prone to making errors too. For example, they recently ran a profile of Drew Brees that was a glorified ad for a workout program he’s investing in. (Romenesko)

Want another reason to hate FIFA and the organizers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? Construction workers are getting paid $0.55 per hour. (Irish Times)

An oral history of Twin Peaks? You know I’m running that. (USA Today)

For 25 years, he’s been the voice on the other end of the phone that news anchors have come to dread. Here’s a look at Captain Janks. (Washington Post)

Deadmau5 took a little drive with Rob Ford and had a chat.

The WWE had a little fun with their YouTube account and posted an 80s sitcom style intro to Monday Night Raw.


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