Sunday Link-Off: All The Write Stuff

genevieve-morton-randallslavin14-06No, that title isn’t a typo. I’m just back to making bad puns. What else do you expect from me on the weekend? I know! Links! And since today is Sunday, it’s probably a good idea to bring you the links. We start with some writing and transition to the downfall of sensibility in the NFL and the confused sustainability priorities of the NHL.

But before we get to all of that, let’s kick off with South African model and blog favourite Genevieve Morton.

TMZ might be the biggest player in celebrity gossip today but no one is entirely sure how it became a seemingly overnight success story. Here’s a look at the gossip site’s history. (BuzzFeed)

And since I just ran a BuzzFeed link, one of their lead writers is a serial plagiarist. (Our Bad Media)

After a couple of days of controversy, BuzzFeed undertook an internal review and let Benny Johnson’s for plagiarizing over 40 times. (BuzzFeed)

The Yanks have a bad reputation for being a bit thick but even the New York Times is asking why Americans are so bad at math. (New York Times)

President Obama wants to close US business tax loopholes. Good luck getting the GOP to go along with that. (BBC News)

How popular is MMA getting? The New Yorker has taken notice of the UFC’s biggest star, Ronda Rousey. (The New Yorker)

The NFL suspended Ray Rice for two games for beating his wife unconscious. Of course, the NFL’s defenders at ESPN mentioned something about the women not provoking beatings as important. (Deadspin)

And ESPN’s Michelle Beadle didn’t take too kindly to that notion. (Deadspin)

Following up on Wednesday’s link about the Detroit Red Wings’ new stadium project, it’s not just the city of Detroit that is slashing money out of their budgets to give it to billionaires for their toys. (International Business Times)

And while the Red Wings are busy rebankrupting Detroit, the NHL is trying to show concern for the Earth by completing an environmental sustainability report. Okay, they’re really just concerned about the future of outdoor games. (Montreal Gazette)

So Patrick Kane walks into a beer league hockey dressing room… No, that’s not the start of a bit. It actually happened. (Puck Daddy)

The Paul Heyman hype train won’t be stopped. Could he be the real face of the WWE? (The Masked Man)

The next time you buy chips, take a look at the weight of the bag. If you’re buying flavoured chips, Lays is giving less crunch for your buck. (Wonkblog)

Keith Olbermann explains how the NFL is selling out its fans (all of them) by only suspending Ray Rice for beating his wife unconscious.


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