Wednesday Link-Off: Dollars and Sense

samantha-hoopes-maxim14-04Sunday’s link-off was mostly about current events in Canada. Today, it’s the latest developments in Ukraine. You’d think that someone would try to be very apologetic about accidentally shooting down a civilian airplane but I guess that’s not how it works in Russia. It’s starting to look like things in Ukraine might once again get worse before it gets better.

First, let’s start this post with Samantha Hoopes.

The more Putin tightens his grip on Ukraine, it seems that more money is slipping through his fingers. Russian billionaires are worried about making money in an increasingly isolated Russia. (Bloomberg)

In other economic news, if the American economy is to grow, business have to start spending rather than saving. Apparently lowering taxes isn’t encouraging them to do so. (The Upshot)

The FCC wants to open up broadband to be available as a public-owned utility for municipalities to run themselves. It would be a great way to get around net neutrality by offering competition so no ISPs could hose customers. The Republicans are opposed to it, obviously. (Vox)

The Dutch are opening a war crimes investigation into the downing of MH17 that was carrying mostly Dutch passengers. (Reuters/Yahoo)

An investigation won’t go too far, though, if the Separatists are allowed to tamper with the crash site and compromise the evidence. (LA Times)

The UN is trying to step in between all parties by trying to get access to the crash site themselves. (BBC News)

No expense will be spared in Rupert Murdoch’s effort to make the Fox Sports cable channels bigger than ESPN. That includes buying Time Warner just to move their programming to FS. (New York Times)

Tony Dungy is a fan of giving Michael Vick a second chance but he wouldn’t give an openly gay NFL player, like Michael Sam, a chance. All men are created equal but some are more equal than others to Tony. (Yahoo Sports)

I’m a Detroit Red Wings fan but even I think it’s bad business for the bankrupt city of Detroit to fund 58% of a billionaire owner’s team’s new $650 million arena. (Deadspin)

One long time Bleacher Report writer explains how he was exploited by their system with promises of paid work an only made $200 for years of daily columns. (Deadspin)

Read about The Iron Sheik’s roast of he’ll make you humble. (Rolling Stone)

Chef turned TV personality Tony Bourdain explains his daily mental mise-en-place routine to make himself productive. (Harvard Business Review)

Epic Meal Time’s new TV show, Epic Meal Empire, is coming this weekend. How do we watch this in Canada?

And if you want to look forward to SummerSlam (as teased by Jon Stewart on Monday night), Paul Heyman cut the promo of the year about the main event featuring the conqueror of the Undertaker’s WrestleMania undefeated streak, BROCK LESNAR!


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