Sunday Link-Off: Stars and Stripes

jessica-alba-ew14-04Last weekend was a Victoria Day set of links. Today, it’s a Memorial Day set of links. If you’re a Tea Partier, you’re probably not reading a Canadian blog so you won’t care that today’s links are a reality check.

But since this is an American holiday, let’s start with the one and only Jessica Alba.

India was well on its way to becoming a world power but the election of Narendra Modi could supercharge the country’s growth. (The Economist)

On this Memorial Day, remember that not everyone thinks America is the greatest country in the world. In fact, some people think that life in America is getting worse, not better. (The Nation)

There’s a fallacy that unemployment benefits discourage people from finding jobs and taking them away gets them to search faster. That assertion would be wrong. (Think Progress)

Here’s the most Canadian story to ever Canada. A man in Lively temporarily adopted a baby moose whose mother was hit by a transport. He brought the moose to Timmy’s too. (The Wire)

Like Chuck Wollery, Pat Sajak is attempting to maintain cultural relevance by becoming a Tea Party talking twat- I mean, head. (The Wrap)

Belle Knox, the Duke University student turned porn star, wrote an open letter about the suicide of Alyssa Funke, a University of Wisconsin-River Falls student who was bullied until she committed suicide after appearing on the same porn site on which Belle made her debut. (xoJane)

You can learn a lot about people from their Google searches. This analysis of searches by American states will help you figure out which states in the union to avoid. (Estately)

It’s not just concussion and drug lawsuits the NFL are facing. A number of teams are facing lawsuits over the mistreatment of cheerleaders. (Mother Jones)

The WWE’s stock has dropped significantly since WrestleMania. The smaller than projected TV deal and low Network subscriber count have caused the stock price to plummet. However, you don’t have to worry about the Fed dying yet. (The Triangle)

Speaking of the WWE, an unedited and unaired version of this week’s WWE Smackdown leaked to the internet. (Deadspin)

Looking for books to read this summer? Here’s Newsday’s summer book recommendations. (Newsday)

Since today is all about motorsport, let’s start with the spectacular finish of the Indy Lights Freedom 100 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Mind you, I think we’d be more surprised if that race had a terrible finish.

The exact opposite of that was the chaos in Friday’s GP2 race in Monaco.


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