Sunday Link-Off: Back in the USSR

anna-kendrick-oscars14-04Well, just when you think that things were calming down in the Ukraine, business is picking back up. I don’t know if we’re looking at a rekindling of the Cold War or the start of something much worse but Putin’s foreign relations policies seem to be as if the last 25 years didn’t happen.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that it’s time to do the links. Let’s start with one of our favourite women, Anna Kendrick.

The so-called Fair Elections Act introduced by the Conservative government would be anything but. A look at the Act would indicate that it would be among the worst things that could happen to Canadian democracy. (

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gives his analysis on the crisis in Ukraine and what the best solution should be. (Washington Post)

Since people have been talking about international law in relation to the situation in the Ukraine and Crimea, where does international law actually stand on this situation. (CBC News)

Marco Rubio and John McCain agreed with something Hilary Clinton said. Okay, it was a historical comparison of Vlad Putin’s actions in Ukraine but they never agree with any Democrat so I find this newsworthy. (TPM)

A Russia Today news anchor resigned from the network on air over the state-funded broadcasters willingness to broadcast Putin’s message rather than the facts. (TPM)

Living in a small town in Canada, I’ve heard of Uber but can’t actually use it. However, I’m not sure I’d want to given some of these stories of a GQ driver moonlighting as an Uber driver for a week. (GQ)

Everyone has their own moral spin on the Duke freshman porn star story. I don’t have an issue with what she does or how she makes her money but a lot of people do. (Poynter)

Newsweek revealed the identity of the man who invented Bitcoin. Not everyone is happy about the outing of a man who tried so hard to remain anonymous. (Capital New York)

Former pro wrestling writer Steven Godfrey explains the thought process behind WWE Creative ignoring what fans say because all they care about is their money. (SB Nation)

Pro wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg has a new pet goat. It’s called Goatberg! Awesomeballs! (With Leather)

You might have seen a tribute to deceased camera operator Sarah Jones during the Oscars. Here’s the story behind her death on set. (THR)

@GSElevator has lost his book deal. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he’s allegedly a plagiarist. (Business Insider)

Leave it to Canada to invent a beer that’s designed to be drunk after physical exertion. Makes sense for a country where beer is consumed on most hockey benches. (NPR)

Arnold was on Epic Meal Time this week. They cooked egg on his tank. Yes, Arnold has a tank.

Speaking of Arnold, he is also going to crush things in his tank on YouTube as a big charity fundraiser.


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