Entertainment Link-Off: Seize Your Glory

eva greenAt the box office this weekend marks the anticipated quasi-sequel 300: Rise of an Empire. The green screen heavy war epic is back for another round of stylized action and bloodfest. At least there’s a lot more eye candy to go around this time as Eva Green is featured prominently as Artemisia. 

After the jump, the CW fails at pushing boundaries, punk goes pop once again, Funny or Die is sorry about something again, check out the ugly ‘doh’ moment during the famous Oscar selfie, a few trailers to check out and True Detective gets the Community treatment.

Speaking Eva Green, she discussed about her latest film 300: Rise of an Empire, the filming of the sex scene, her ‘pleasant’ experience in Bulgaria and briefly talks about the new show Penny Dreadful. (Collider)

So the CW is trying to push the envelope by claiming that there would be extended sequences to the sex scenes featured in their new hit Reign. That being said, apparently these extended cuts aren’t really worth your time. (Entertainment Weekly)

Punk bands occasionally cover pop songs just for fun and here’s a list of songs that sound so much better than the original song. (Smosh)

I certainly wish I was at SXSW right now. Another huge reason why you should attend… there’s gonna be a real life Mario Kart event going on! (Jalopnik)

The MTV Movie Awards nominations are out. Go check out to see if your favourite films are in the mix and don’t forget to vote! (MTV)

So far so good as recent responses to an early screening of Dumb and Dumber To is out and the feedback is rather positive. (Slashfilm)

You didn’t really think someone actually made a real hoverboard right? Anyway, Funny or Die is ‘sorry’ for lying about the existence of the hoverboards. (Funny or Die)

Remember that famous Oscar selfie that Ellen Degeneres started while hosting the event? Well, the photo got a Simpsons treatment as Matt Groening shows the ugly truth as to what really happened while the photo was being taken. (Twitter)

Watch Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard take on the paparazzi regarding unauthorized pictures of Hollywood toddlers. At least it got those paparazzi folks to admit they are essentially in it for the money. (Access Hollywood)

Discuss. Could the latest How I Met Your Mother tease just be a red herring? Because if the show does go towards a darker ending, you can bet no one will be tuning into How I Met Your Dad in the fall. (Entertainment Weekly)

The big tease from the screenwriters for Captain America 2 is that the ending of the film will have huge ramifications on the Marvel universe and the upcoming Avengers 2 flick. (Slashfilm)

Catch the new trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction and watch Optimus Prime punch Grimlock in the face!

If you liked the first Sin City, prepare yourself for more of the same in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.

Michael B. Jordan was cast as the young, cocky and charismatic Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot. If any of you have seen Friday Night Lights, you would know that he does young, cocky and charismatic very well. I’m more than happy to see him play the Human Torch, but there are some fanboys that aren’t too keen on seeing a black Human Torch. Watch Michael B. Jordan respond to the minor fanboy backlash after news of his casting was announced.

There are definitely perks to delivering pizza at the Oscars. The dude got $1000 it!

While everyone is preparing for the finale of True Detective, catch the parody of the show by Community’s Joel McHale and Jim Rash.


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