Sunday Link-Off: The Fun Never Ends

reka-ebergenyi-3suisses13-01Well, this has been a fun week, hasn’t it? All that Rob Ford stuff sure was weird. I doubt it there could possibly be more this week so we’ll have some F1 coverage and I think I should be able to get a gaming post up by the end of the week. First, we have to kick the week off with the links and the links with Hungarian model Reka Ebergenyi.

The Toronto Star’s lead reporter on the Rob Ford crack tape, Robyn Doolittle, tells the tale of the tape. (Toronto Star)

Meanwhile, a new Rob Ford tape has come out which shows him threatening to kill a man. (Toronto Sun)

Let’s take a one-link break from Rob Ford to hear what Russell Brand thinks about his Newsnight interview of a few weeks ago and why he doesn’t like current democratic systems. (The Guardian)

Doug Ford says that he was surprised by this week’s crack use admission by his brother. (Toronto Sun)

To make the circus around Rob Ford weirder, The Iron Sheik showed up to arm wrestle Rob Ford this week. (With Leather)

And let’s round out the Rob Ford action with this epic Rob Ford photo gallery. (Gawker)

Given what’s happening with Rob Ford, it’s only appropriate to look at the worst losers in politics. (Washington Post)

What does the Miami Dolphins’ bullying scandal say about the macho culture in the NFL? (Grantland)

The Masked Man has a book about the history of wrestling out. Here’s an excerpt about racism in the business. (The Masked Man)

Speed Channel may be dead but Robin Miller is thankfully still covering IndyCar. Here’s his thoughts on ABC’s coverage now that they need to hire a new play-by-play man. (Racer)

Maury is still one of those shows that I like to catch from time to time. Here’s a look behind the scenes of the iconic daytime show. (Grantland)

Bad news! Mexican Coke is dropping cane sugar for corn syrup. (Gizmodo)

Alright. Time for more Rob Ford. It’s DJ Steve Porter’s Rob Ford remix.

In addition to The Iron Sheik, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake also made a visit to Toronto City Hall to meet with Rob Ford.


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