The Best of Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2013

Barrett-Jackson only runs four of its world-famous collector car auctions each year. The final auction is one of its newer ones. This weekend is Barrett-Jackson’s 6th annual Las Vegas auction which appropriately takes place on The Strip at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Every year, millions of people drop billions of dollars in casinos looking to win the big jackpot. At Barrett-Jackson, car buyers will spend millions of dollars hoping to hit the jackpot by buying the car of their dreams or a collector car that will increase in value. So here are five of my favourite cars from this week’s auction that will be a cool ride for the lucky buyer that hits the auction block jackpot.

1994-panoz-roadster1994 Panoz Roadster (Lot 86)
You probably know the Panoz brand from the world of sportscar racing but Don Panoz also runs a sportscar company. Their first car was the Panoz Roadster. Only 44 of the Roadster was made before being replaced by the Panoz AIV Roadster which was completely designed and built by Panoz. This particular Roadster is part of a rare breed as it is one of only six 1994 Panoz Roadsters. There’s something to be said for owning a very rare sportscar, even if it doesn’t have an exotic European bade on it.

2000-cadillac-sts-le-mans-safety-car2000 Cadillac STS Safety Car (Lot 321)
As you may have guess from the Panoz write-up, I’m a bit of a sportscar racing fan. This Cadillac STS may not have been an actual race car but it was featured in an actual car race. This STS was one of the pace cars used for the 2000 and 2001 24 Hours of Le Mans which were famous for being the start of Audi’s recent dominance of the race. It’s a nice collector piece but probably not something that you’d want to use as a daily driver given the history.

1931-lincoln-model-k1931 Lincoln Model K Convertible (Lot 759)
You’ve heard of all the various Model cars that Ford had but that naming convention also carried over to sister company Lincoln. The Lincoln Model K (also known as the K-series) was Lincoln’s second car and replaced the L-series. The 1931 Model K was the first year of the Model K. While it carried over the L-series 6.3L V8, everything else on the car was knew from the chassis to the body to the carb. This Model K underwent Schaffer and Long restoration and is a regular at various classic car shows. This appears to be a fine example of the breed.

2012-shelby-gt500-super-snake2012 Shelby GT500 Super Snake (Lot 3000)
I like featuring charity cars on the auction listing rundown. This Shelby GT500 is in a vinyl American flag wrap that has been signed by American military members and their families. This car is a fundraising car for Wounded Warriors and recently completed a five-week, 48-state tour of America to raise money and awareness for Wounded Warriors. Proceeds from the sale will go to Wounded Warriors.

1974-pontiac-trans-am-firebird-super-duty-4551974 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am Super Duty 455 (Lot 7001)
The Super Duty Trans-Am was a special edition of the Trans-Am 455 that came with a specially tuned engine. The SD’s 455 was only rated at 310 HP but my dad always says that factory reported horsepower ratings were a lie told to the insurance company. He drove and tuned his fair share of cars from that era so I’m going to trust his expertise. Anyway, the SD-455 Trans-Am was only in production for two years and there were only 943 made. This particular SD-455 had one frame-off restoration before becoming a museum piece. After being bought from the museum, the current owner rebuilt the engine and suspension and added a custom exhaust.

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