Join The 2013-14 Lowdown Blog Fantasy Hockey Pool

It’s time once again for the annual Lowdown Blog Fantasy Hockey Pool. As per usual, we’ve created our fantasy hockey league over on the TSN/ESPN fantasy website. It’s a public pool so anyone can join. If we run out of space in the pool, we’ll create extra pools to get readers a pool for the year. And we’ll be doing the head-to-head writer challenge again this year where we laugh at how bad I am at fantasy hockey where PIM is a stat.

It’s a head-to-head league with the winner of each match-up based on winning the most of the nine categories (G, A, +/-, PIM, SOG, STP [Special Teams Points], Wins, GAA, SV%) in play kinda like the old Yahoo pools we all used to play. Each team has 20 roster spots with nine forwards, four defensemen and two goalies starting each night.

The autopick draft takes place at 5:00 AM on Monday, September 30, so sign up now and set your picks.

Click here to go to the Fantasy Hockey Pool.


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