Wednesday Link-Off: Show Me the Money

trish-stratus-insidefitness13-07Somehow, someway, I’ve scrambled together links for today. For some reason, there just didn’t seem to be much in the way of interesting links for today. Hopefully starting this post off with the legendary Trish Stratus makes up for it.

SI is releasing a five-part report on so-called corruption in the Oklahoma State football program. Is paying players really corruption or is it supporting those who make the program millions of dollars? (Sports Illustrated)

I say so called corruption because buried down in the story is an anecdote about the players taking money just so they can put food on the table. Yeah, the Oklahoma State football program is full of comic book super villains. (Deadspin)

Did you know that the daughter of the man who built Auschwitz lives in America? (Washington Post Magazine)

The Syrian government has accepted a Russian proposal to turn over control of their chemical weapons to the UN. (Reuters) That hasn’t changed President Obama’s stance on the need for a military response. (BBC News)

The Republicans can’t defeat Obamacare in Congress so they’re attacking the outreach programs trying to implement the program. (Wonkblog)

George Zimmerman’s wife recently filed for divorce claiming he was abusive. This week, there was an incident with the pair and a handgun. (THR)

The short-lived former CTO of Business Insider was quickly sent packing after someone saw some of the unsavory tweets he’s posted. (Valleywag)

Chris Berman tried play-by-play again on Monday night. It wasn’t good for most people’s sanity. (Awful Announcing)

Google has a new logo. Not that you can really tell that there’s a difference. (FastCo)

Let’s have a pair of pranks to close out. First, a guy pretends to be a first-year chem prof and fools a class full of frosh.

And the voice of Honest Trailers pranks people by commentating their lives in the style of movie trailers.

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