Wednesday Link-Off: Labour Day Blues

emmanuelle-chriqui-miami13-04With Labour Day come and gone, I think that means that summer is over. Well, I think summer was over early for me. It was 13°C on Monday. I’m glad that I did my grilling on Saturday and Sunday instead because I would have needed a winter coat for Labour Day.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Let’s kick this post off with Emmanuelle Chriqui.

The Republicans have cold feet on intervention in Syria. This doesn’t have to do with principles or intelligence but politics… Of course it is. (Mediaite)

A gay rights activist was arrested under Russia’s new anti-gay laws. Cruelly, the man was turned in to police by his own parents. (Pink News)

How has political campaign reporting changed since the advent of Twitter as a source of disseminating news in near real-time. (New York Times)

How broke is Detroit? The city doesn’t have enough money to pay for death certificates. (The Detroit News)

ESPN stopping working on a report about concussions may say as much about their attitude to investigative journalism as their relationships with the leagues they cover. (Poynter)

It’s taken the Pittsburgh Pirates forever but they are finally on the verge of returning to the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. (Gammons Daily)

Richie Incognito was the NFL’s dirtiest player and had his life torn apart by personal demons. He’s slowly but surely managed to turn his life and his game around. (

With the NFL season starting tomorrow, how do this year’s teams stack up in terms of age. (Philly)

Pro Mod driver Tim Tindle had a massive crash at the US Nationals this weekend. A photographer caught the crash in a series of epic photos. (Mark J. Rebilas Photography)

The Xbox IllumiRoom holodeck concept debuted at CES won’t see the light of day. Microsoft says that it’s too expensive for anyone to actually buy. I saw a $7,500 4K 3D smart TV in a Future Shop flyer last week. Someone would’ve bought this. (CVG)

A local sportscaster did his nightly news sports report by dropping scads of wrestling references. It was all sorts of awesome.

Senator John McCain takes Fox News to school over its fear mongering.

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