Wednesday Link-Off: Apart From the Royal Baby…

edita-vilkeviciute-victoriassecret13-14I don’t know if you heard but a royal baby was born on Monday. However, since it’s not really a news story and won’t affect 99.99% of us in any way, I won’t be mentioning it here. We have other news that you might have missed. First, though, we have Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute.

Barack Obama might be America’s first black President but he identifies as a black American first. When he says that he could’ve been Trayvon Martin, it’s not hyperbole. (Washington Post)

In case you missed among non-stories, there was a massive breakout of Al Qaeda prisoners from Abu Ghraib prison. (Reuters)

Anthony Weiner is sexting again. This time, he used a pseudonym… Carlos Danger. (Post Politics)

How backwards are USC campus police? They think that it isn’t rape if the rapist doesn’t orgasm. What the fuck is wrong with these people?! (Huffington Post)

I’ve probably run every profile of him before but here’s a profile of the man behind the @WillMcAvoyACN twitter account. (The Daily Beast)

Nate Silver’s move to ESPN is now official. What does this mean for both ESPN and the New York Times. (New Republic)

So Ryan Braun was suspended for the rest of the season. I’m shocked (Shocked!) that Braun was a drugs cheat despite how many times he maintained his innocence. (Big League Stew)

With Manchester United changing their club crest, here’s a look at the history of Premier Team crests. (Daily Mail)

Huey Lewis isn’t a fan of pre-recorded stadium music and wants the live organist to make a comeback. I’m inclined to agree. (Deadspin)

The National Scrabble Association has gone out of business. It’s not so much a reflection over interest in Scrabble but a reflection on growing corporate influence. (New York Times)

Just for fun, here’s a look at some real technologies that we first saw on Inspector Gadget. (Vanity Fair)

Drop everything! It’s time for a new episode of OSW Review. This time, they’re looking at Wrestlemania IX or the one where Hulk Hogan politics himself to another big payday.


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