Sunday Link-Off: In Profile

nina-agdal-leonisa13-15It’s the end of the week so it’s time for the links. While longer form pieces are a little bit harder to write about with none of the usual topics providing much to write about, it should pick up this week.

For now, let’s start the links with Nina Agdal.

Joe Biden might be the butt of many jokes but he just might be the most qualified man to be the next President of the United States. (GQ)

The cover might have been controversial but Rolling Stone magazine did a proper story with their profile of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (Rolling Stone)

The EPA headquarters building has been named in honour of Bill Clinton. He’s certainly earned that one. (Washington Post)

The Rob Ford crack tape and its sellers may have vanished but the money contributed to Gawker’s crowdfunding campaign is going to a good cause. (Gawker)

Despite the fact it seems that the law is against sense, some recent US court rulings have been pro-gun control. (The Daily Beast)

What do you do if you’re running for political office and the polls say you’re getting beaten badly? You invent your own poll. (Slate)

The impossible has happened. Keith Olbermann is returning to ESPN to host a late-night talk show on ESPN 2. Maybe ESPN 2 wasn’t the end of his career. (NYT Sports)

And Nate Silver, of FiveThirtyEight fame, is going to ESPN to be part of Olbermann’s new show and presumably teach ESPN’s talking heads about statistics. Don’t worry, though, he’ll still be doing his election prognostication for ABC News. (NYT Business)

Fox Sports 1 is coming to sports TV with an approach that’s supposed to be different from ESPN’s. They seem like they have different strategy but I don’t see it. (Businessweek) To use a news network analogy, FS1 is Fox News, ESPN is CNN and that leaves NBCSN as something more serious like Al-Jazeera.

A new study shows that one-third of MLB pitchers have undergone Tommy John surgery. I guess that it’s not a career ender or a concern for teams any more. (CBS Sports)

Remember when hockey cards and baseball cards were a thing that people cared about? What happened to them? (The Big Lead)

In honour of Daniel Alfredsson leaving Ottawa for Detroit, here are the best heal turns in hockey history. I was very close to writing wrestling there. (McIndoe)

Jennifer Lopez might have made more than enough money to get out of the Bronx but she’s getting some of that money from some very unsavoury characters. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Lewis Black answers a moronic Rick Perry ad with a pro-New York ad.

You’ve probably seen this Norwegian bachelor party prank but here’s a man who thinks he’s about to do a blindfolded bungee jump get a bit of a surprise.


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