Entertainment Link-Off: Prepare to Get Annihilated

marissa-miller-2013espy3It’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Lots of flicks hitting theatres this weekend. The folks in the UK get to see the final chapter of the Cornetto trilogy first while the rest of us will need to wait til August. Anyway, let’s start off this ELO with Marissa Miller, who can be seen in the film R.I.P.D.

After the jump, no paranormal activity in October, Ryan Reynolds might not be able to carry an entire movie after all, first look at Godzilla, some trailers from Comic-Con and watch Neil Patrick Harris debate with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about love.

Looks like we won’t be getting a new Paranormal Activity film this October. Perhaps they are finally running out of creative juices and need to regroup. (The Wrap)

Ryan Reynolds might have two duds at the box office this weekend as Turbo and R.I.P.D. are both tracking poorly. (Variety)

If Pacific Rim has successfully wet your appetite for a big budget monster flick, perhaps this new poster and concept art for the upcoming Godzilla flick will tickle your fancy. (Slashfilm)

Chronicle 2 is movie forward and it looks like original screenwriter Max Landis’ dark take on the follow-up didn’t sit well with the folks at FOX. (We Got This Covered)

Stop saying TV is better than movies these days! (Slate)

To celebrate both Comic-Con and also the DVD release of Oblivion, check out SDCC being blown to… erm… oblivion. (We Are Movie Geeks)

Interesting theory. Perhaps all Pixar films exist in the same world. (Jon Negroni)

Matt Reeves reveals a bit more on what to expect from the next Planet of the Apes film. (Indie Wire)

Check out what was the best of television as the Emmys have announced the nominations for their upcoming award show. (Emmys)

Watch Jamie Foxx become Electro in the Comic-Con teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Because Sharknado wasn’t bad enough, Syfy is now pushing another one. This time.. it is Ghost Shark!

Intense new Comic Con trailer for The Walking Dead season 4.

Bad ass red band trailer for Kick Ass 2.

A fun little debate on love. Love: A Tragedy featuring Neil Patrick Harris and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It was also written by Rian Johnson who is known for that awesome film Looper.

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