Entertainment Link-Off: Written in the Stars

halle-berry-vanityfair13-01Good news, folks. If everything goes according to schedule, Jackie is back in two weeks. So you only have to put up with my take on the ELO today and next Saturday.

And even better news for you guys is that there are some decent movies this weekend. If you’re looking for a Twilight parody or a zombie movie parody, you’ll be looking for Warm Bodies. It’s actually been well reviewed. If you just want to watch a bad 80’s action movie, there’s Sly’s new Bullet to the Head. It’s Sly doing an action movie. Can it be anything other than campishly bad? Okay, Cliffhanger was just bad.

Anyway, Vanity Fair did their annual Hollywood issue again. I don’t quite know why but Halle Berry was in it. Has she been in a good movie since X-Men 2?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rihanna confirmed the obvious. She and Chris Brown are back together. (Gawker) If you didn’t pick up on it the first read through, when Rihanna says that “it’s different now,” she immediately starts talking about “we.” It sure sounds like she’s including herself in the blame for why she was beaten and that they both have to change in order for her not to get beaten again. That’s not reading too far into it because it’s fairly common in abusive relationships that women feel some fault for the beatings. In other words, nothing has changed. Just ask Frank Ocean if Chris Brown has changed.

It would be understandable if you hadn’t heard of Kathleen Kennedy before she was named the head of Lucasfilm after the Disney purchase but you can’t ignore her now. Convincing JJ Abrams to direct Episode VII shows that she’s a power player in Hollywood. (The Hollywood Reporter)

With Abrams directing, maybe there will be fewer complaints from actors about George’s dialogue and directing. Among those who have is Terence Stamp. (Den of Geek) If he didn’t like George’s directing, it shows. When I watched the movie the first time, I could tell he phoned in his performance.

Keeping with Star Wars, it’s one of five movies whose special effects were ahead of its time. (Unreality)

Matthew McConaughey says there’s a Magic Mike 2 in the works… Well, if we have three Hangover movies, I suppose that it’ll be easy to carbon copy Magic Mike for a second stripper movie. (E!)

There’s going to be an Entourage movie for some reason. If you want to know what it will involve, a Tumblr user has been “leaking” pages of the script. (UPROXX)

For some reason, Jason Segel won’t be back for the Muppets sequel. Instead, we get Ricky Gervais which is just fine with me. Kermit the Frog talked about that and more in his interview about the terribly titled “Muppets… Again!” (EW)

As we are happily obligated to link to, here is a collection of great Bill Murray stories. (The Daily Telegraph)

We’ve been wondering why Glen Mazzara was turfed from The Walking Dead. Well, it turns out that he doesn’t know why either. (Digital Spy)

Speaking of zombies, the Mythbusters are doing a zombie episode. I thought they were busting myths but I’m pretty sure zombies aren’t real. (Inside TV)

I know the points didn’t matter but did you ever wonder who holds the record for the most points on Whose Line is it Anyway? (BuzzFeed)

Justin Bieber is groping his fans and lifting his shirt to the paparazzi because he’s slowing turning into The Situation. Yeah, I said it. (The Daily Mail)

One last Chris Brown link. He thinks he’s being persecuted like Jesus was. Jesus Christ… (Pajiba)

And one more link about Jonathan Coulton getting blatantly ripped off by Glee. There are plus sides to being robbed by Glee and Fox. (Cracked)

I’m slightly shocked that I haven’t shown any of the new Abrams Star Trek / Star Wars mashup trailers on the blog yet so here’s a two for the price of one deal.

Speaking of trailers, the Warcraft movie has a new director. So what would a Warcraft trailer look like? I can only hope that a Warcraft movie would turn out like this.

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