Sunday Link-Off: Deal or No Deal

eva-longoria-gqmexico12-01After a few rather slim linkdumps, the internet is back up and running which means we have a regular sized set of links today. Since I have some photos queued up that I keep meaning to run at the start of the links, here’s Eva Longoria.

America’s fiscal cliff was solved just in time by the US Congress. It’s just a temporary thing because there is a debt ceiling crisis looming in which the Republicans will play chicken with the world economy again by threatening to default on their debt. Anyway, the bad blood between Democrats and Republicans almost meant that this deal didn’t get done. (Politico)

The folks at Bloomberg did an in-depth recap of this summer’s infamous maple syrup heist. Yes, it was that big a story. (Businessweek)

The hacking group Anonymous scares a lot of people but they’re often a force for good. For example, they uncovered evidence in the case of a rape allegedly committed (innocent until guilty) by high school football players in Stubenville, Ohio. (The Atlantic Wire)

After the jump, Normstradamus has a golf column, Guy Fieri has more crappy food for you and a massive NYE TV fail.

Now that Hilary Clinton is out of hospital after that blood clot scare, people are naturally asking if this will create a health concern that will cost her the Presidency in 2016. (Washington Post)

Something journalists need to know but seldom seem to care about is that they aren’t the story. (Gawker)

Anonymous hockey blogger Eklund broke the NHL’s new year’s offer to the PA and received heaps of praise from big names in the hockey media who are usually the first to bash him. Isn’t it hypocritical to mock a guy for having a batting average of something like 0.050 and then unleash heaps of praise on him when he gets one scoop. (The Cult of Hockey)

By the way, the negotiations aren’t going anywhere as both sides seem committed to cancelling the season. Can we, the fans, sue both the league and PA for not negotiating in good faith? (ESPN)

UPDATE: Okay, spoke too soon. The NHL and NHLPA announced at 5:00 AM EST that they reached a tentative deal. Now we can get back to doing hockey posts.

The NBC Sports Network is the butt of many jokes over low ratings but no one talks about what they’re showing. Turns out that some of it is actually pretty good. (Sports on Earth)

Norm MacDonald is writing for Grantland now. Does this mean I’ll actually have to read that steaming pile of crap website? Anyway, Normstradamus does his thing in his 2013 PGA preview. (Grantland)

Drew Magary profiled Snoop Dogg after his transformation into Snoop Lion. Weed was involved. I don’t think I need to say anymore to convince you to click that link. (GQ)

When you tally up all the scores, it turns out that 2012 in video games was about as disappointing as we all thought. There were still good games but far fewer great games. (Metacritic)

Did you know that Guy Fieri has frozen food products with his name and likeness attached to them? Guess how good they are… (UPROXX)

Today in When Locally Produced New Year’s Eve Specials Go Hilariously Wrong.

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins sings Skyfall. Only a good comedian can do something straight and still make it hilarious.


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