Entertainment Link-Off: Face Off!

alexandra daddarioThe new year is here! Since the Christmas movies are still out in full force, don’t expect many wide releases to compete for the box office crown for a little while. Opening this weekend is Texas Chainsaw 3D. Whether this will revive the flailing franchise will be up to the audiences to decide. Starring in this movie is Alexandra Daddario, who can also be seen in first season of White Collar. Anyway, let’s just kick off the first ELO of 2013 with her.

After the jump, a few trailers to see, Quentin Tarantino loves his pop culture references, some Star Trek stuff and eat a Hobbit meal in 20 minutes.

After several failed sequels and poor remakes, Texas Chainsaw 3D hopes to breathe new life back into the franchise as the producers promise to bring some integrity into the new film. (LA Times)

The more trailers I see from A Good Day to Die Hard, the more I am convinced that this franchise is finally returning to its true form. Something to look forward to on Valentine’s Day folks. (Apple)

To add to the paranoia of prescription medication use, have a look at the trailer for the thriller Side Effects. (Apple)

jOBS, the Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher is new prepping for a release sometime in April. (Slashfilm)

Catch all the pop culture references from Quentin Tarantino’s films over the past 20 years in a matter of minutes. (College Humor)

While you get news on the biggest box office successes all the time, what about the biggest flops? Turns out, the worst performing movie of 2012 only managed to garner $264 in ticket sales. Yes only $264. (Movieline)

Remember the story of JJ Abrams granting a dying man’s wish to see his yet-to-be-finished Star Trek film? Well the man and his wife got to see it and while sworn to secrecy, they thoroughly enjoyed the film. Always nice to see a feel good story despite the sad situation. (Reddit)

Speaking of Star Trek, check out 11 high resolution pictures from the upcoming film. (Collider)

In an interview with Hayley Atwell, the actress confirms she won’t be back for the Captain America sequel. Alright… let the search for the new lead begin! (Time Out)

Some cool stuff to check out. Aliens vs. Star Wars artwork! (Slashfilm)

The site where they filmed the baseball flick Field of Dreams will actually be turned into a baseball complex. Ah so dreams do come true! Only when they sorta made a movie on it… (CBS)

Gore galore! The red band trailer for the remake of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead contains so much blood, it makes the original look tame by comparison.

Oh Samuel L. Jackson can be so bold. When the interviewer asked about the use of the n-word in the film Django Unchained, he dared the interviewer to actually say the word. Segment starts at 13:55.

What a feast! Watch this man gobble down The Hobbit menu in 20 minutes.

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