Sunday Link-Off: Deal or No Deal

eva-longoria-gqmexico12-01After a few rather slim linkdumps, the internet is back up and running which means we have a regular sized set of links today. Since I have some photos queued up that I keep meaning to run at the start of the links, here’s Eva Longoria.

America’s fiscal cliff was solved just in time by the US Congress. It’s just a temporary thing because there is a debt ceiling crisis looming in which the Republicans will play chicken with the world economy again by threatening to default on their debt. Anyway, the bad blood between Democrats and Republicans almost meant that this deal didn’t get done. (Politico)

The folks at Bloomberg did an in-depth recap of this summer’s infamous maple syrup heist. Yes, it was that big a story. (Businessweek)

The hacking group Anonymous scares a lot of people but they’re often a force for good. For example, they uncovered evidence in the case of a rape allegedly committed (innocent until guilty) by high school football players in Stubenville, Ohio. (The Atlantic Wire)

After the jump, Normstradamus has a golf column, Guy Fieri has more crappy food for you and a massive NYE TV fail. Continue reading


Wednesday Link-Off: Simply Smashing

eva-longoria-mexicangq7After one Sunday Link-Off, don’t be surprised to see it moved or cancelled soon. Anywho, for now, we have Eva Longoria from her recent Mexican GQ shoot. After the jump, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch took his custom guitar trophy and pulled a Pete Townshend.

Picture this in your mind. It’s October 1995. You’re at the Skydome in some temporary grandstands surrounding a basketball court. “Ladies and gentlemen, get on your feet. Here is the starting lineup for your TORONTO TARANTULAS!” (Wall Street Journal)

Roger gets no respect. Federer won the French Open but he would have liked a little help from security. (Deadspin)

We’ve done a bit of wrestling reporting here at The Lowdown Blog but we’ve never covered any moments as amazing as these. (Bleacher Report)

I don’t think throwing this one back would be such a good idea. (St. Petersburg Times)

The recent European Union parliamentary elections produced an interesting result. Riding a wave of sympathy for their almost namesake file-sharing website, Sweden’s Pirate Party has won a seat in the European parliament. (CBC)

A look at the most bizarre children’s shows in the history of television. “Puff the Magic Dragon” should have made it simply for its name. Mind you, I always thought “Bananas in Pajamas” is actually a stoners’ show. (Boston Globe)

Your daily dose of the failed crime blotter. (Toronto Star)

Earlier this week, I looked at a possible F1 race boycott by the teams. It actually wasn’t the first time that the teams would have walked away from the race. (F1 Fanatic)

Some say he feeds by drinking pollen from flowers and he sheds his skin every autumn… All we know is he’s not the Stig. But he is the Stig’s horticulturalist cousin. (EADT24)

Well, this makes sense. An intern at a newspaper writes an article so good that it’s given the front page. Then he gets fired. (Canadian Journalism Project)

We may have jumped the gun on that Twitter lawsuit settlement with Tony LaRussa. Mind you, since the AP did too, you gotta cut us some slack. (Sporting Madness) Continue reading