Entertainment Link-Off: Sucker Punch

This weekend at the box office, there’s the fun animated video game inspired film Wreck It Ralph. There’s also Denzel as the pilot that saved the day in Flight. Finally, there’s the stylistic actioner The Man with the Iron Fists featuring Jamie Chung. Let’s just start this off with her shall we?

After the jump Star Wars is now part of Disney, someone is stealing the minions, more Twilight for us all (we’re doomed) and Mitt Romney will cause the zombie apocalypse.

With the big news of the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney, the discussion of a new Star Wars trilogy has led to a discussion of 10 directors that should make the new films and who should never touch the camera for the new trilogy. (Slashfilm)

The sale of Lucasfilm has led to George Lucas to rake in $4 billion; at least he’s donating most of it to improve education. Good on you George. (THR)

Oh no! The new Despicable Me 2 shows the cute little yellow minions getting kidnapped! (Apple)

Good news! Bryan Singer is officially returning to direct the sequel to The First Class. (Deadline)

Watch out Twilight fans. You ain’t getting a faithful adaptation to the books because the ending to the film will be different from the books. (The Playlist)

Unlike JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer can’t let go of the series that made her famous and she reveals that more Twilight related material is on the way. Beating a dead horse? Ya? (The Playlist)

Wanna lose weight and not move out of your couch? Just watch some horror movies. (The Telegraph)

Mark your calendars. The return of Community is February 7th 2013! (The TV Addict)

The red band trailer for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters features a bit more violence, a bit more sex and a bit more humour. Now I’m digging it. (IGN)

New G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer doesn’t really add much to the film and doesn’t build much anticipation for the 3D conversion.

New Call of Duty game commercial partners Guy Ritchie with some familiar faces including Robert Downey Jr.

Air New Zealand has a nifty Hobbit themed video on airplane safety.

According to Joss Whedon, if you want the zombie apocalypse, vote for Mitt Romney.

Well apparently Mr. Burns supports a zombie apocalypse.


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