Entertainment Link-Off: Here We Go Again

Steve can breathe a sigh of relief since I’m back this weekend for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Out this weekend is the sequel Taken 2. Now apparently this film has lost all the buzz and fun from the first film and is nothing but an empty shell of an action film; however it does have Maggie Grace in it. So for eye candy purposes, it might still be worth checking out.

After the jump, another hot actress joins the cast of a female version of The Expendables, some new movie trailers to see, an awesome Iron Man inspired Tron Lightcycle, Looper explained, Adele belts out the new Bond theme and check out some hipster Disney princesses.

The female version of The Expendables is getting more and more appealing by the minute. Katie Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame has joined Gina Carano in the upcoming actioner. (Variety)

The teaser trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard is out and it features a lot of explosions. (Yahoo)

Have a look at Siri’s (un)biased reviews of films. (The Verge)

Interesting mashup of the day. Check out this awesome Iron Man inspired Lightcycle from Tron. (Geek Tyrant)

Curious to see if your movie tastes is similar to Anna Kendrick? Take a look at her 5 favourite films. (Rotten Tomatoes)

The trailer for Tarzan 3D starring Kellan Lutz has surfaced onto the internet. While the whole motion capture thing is quite appealing, the animation turned out rather bland. (Slashfilm)

Enhance your moviegoing experience by having director Rian Johnson’s commentary track to play along with Looper. (Sound Cloud)

Confused about Looper? The infographic and the explanation should help clear things up. (Film.com)

Fearing that Paranormal Activity will suffer from the same fate as the Saw franchise, it appears the director and creators are looking to do a spin-off of the series for next year. (Screen Rant)

New trailer for The Lone Ranger focuses more on Tonto than the title character himself! (Apple)

The clip of Gozilla shown at Comic-Con has led to speculations that they may have started filming the monster flick in secret. The latest news of rewriting the script to age-up the characters has pretty much confirmed that all we saw so far was merely a sizzle reel. At least that was a promising sizzle reel. (Variety)

To add more buzz to Skyfall, check out the new trailer for the film featuring the theme powered by the voice of Adele.

Better yet, just listen to the song in its entirety.

When Hasbro decided to make film versions of Battleship or even the upcoming Monopoly, it sort of made sense; however, I wasn’t sure how Hungry Hungry Hippos was going to work. Perhaps this faux trailer will give you an idea of what kind of film will become of this…

Check out some hipster Disney princesses.

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