Wednesday Link-Off: Behind The Camera

Shockingly, I had enough time away from Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut to put together a linkdump for today. Anyway, here’s Candice Swanepoel who regular readers are familiar with.

Not a lot of people seemed to like the premiere of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom. I did. So did legendary news anchor Dan Rather. (Gawker)

While some have described The Newsroom as a love letter to the news industry, it could also be called a map for CNN to return to success. (New York Times)

The return of Sorkin also gives us a chance to look back at his original TV show, Sports Night. (The New Yorker)

After the jump, what kind of Canadian are you, a war reporter profiles Charlie Sheen and an epic Mike Tyson interview.

The Globe and Mail has a fun little pre-Canada Day quiz to determine which part of Canada you most identify with. I got BC. (The Globe and Mail)

The Islanders offered all of their draft picks to Columbus for the #2 overall pick which would have moved New York up two spots. Who’s crazier: The Islanders for making the offer or the Blue Jackets for turning it down? (Blue Jackets Xtra)

Speaking of draft stories, #1 pick Nail Yakupov is having fun on Twitter. (Deadspin)

IndyCar is launching a study with the FIA Institute For Motorsport Safety to find a safer catch fence solution. (Racer)

If you’re Oreo, how do you piss of short-sided, homophobic assholes? You post a picture of a rainbow Oreo for gay pride day. (Business Insider)

What do the newspaper industry and the porn industry have in common? An uncertain future thanks to the internet. (The Atlantic)

Ahead of the premiere of Anger Management, Newsweek profiled Charlie Sheen. But they didn’t just send anyone to do the profile. They sent a war reporter. (Newsweek)

Just for fun, here’s 20 facts about Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. (Pajiba)

The Wii U will be the most powerful gaming console on the market when it launches but that advantage isn’t expected to last long. Industry insiders think that the console will be left in the dust after about a year. (Kotaku)

A book about the people behind some of the most successful video game companies has been released. Here’s an excerpt about the founders of Naughty Dog. (Games Industry)

Would you trust a review of products written by the store selling them? You would trust them if you’re reading reviews at JB Hi-Fi in Australia. (JB Reviews)

Mike Tyson is never at a loss for words. That included his recent appearance on PTI.

Best Hall of Fame speech ever? Best Hall of Fame speech ever. It’s Bill Murray’s (AKA Cuz) induction speech for the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame.

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the premiere of the original Star Trek TV series, here’s an animated version of the opening credits.

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