Sunday Link-Off: Blinded Me With Science

We’ve reached the end of another week at Lowdown HQ. For the last week, I haven’t known which day of the week it was but I always know when it’s Sunday. And as a special treat to kickoff today’s links, here’s the blog debut of Marloes Horst.

With the new Three Stooges movie coming out this weekend (which I’m terrified to actually watch), I think now’s a good time to look back on the history of the original Three Stooges. (Neatorama)

Some movie lines are more quotable than other but did you know there’s a science behind which quotes are the most memorable. Researchers at Cornell have cracked the code. (The Independent)

And just for fun, here’s a behind the scenes look at Jeopardy with a Jeopardy champion. (Warming Glow)

After the jump, both sides of The Masters duel, the Better Business Bureau looks at ME3 and Russia’s version of a customer complaint department.

How demanding are the media of The Masters champion? Bubba Watson had to change his cell phone number because ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike Show called him too many times for an interview at 6:00 AM. (The Big Lead)

We can guess how awesome it must be to win The Masters but what is it like for the family of the playoff runner-up Louis Oosthuizen? (Wei Under Par)

Free giveaways are the standard for season ticket holders (unless you buy Soo Greyhounds according to what I’ve heard) but the Detroit Pistons are going next level with their special jacket with an RFID merchandise discount chip in it. (The Hoop Doctors)

Controversial isn’t a word I like for either Tim Tebow or John Cena. I like polarizing. You either love them or you hate them. But if you like one, you probably like the other because there aren’t many differences between the two. (

Me, I hate Cena. I’d much rather read about a real wrestler who can actually have a good match rather than be carried to one. Someone like Daniel Bryan. (GQ)

A lot of people are pissed off at BioWare about the Mass Effect 3 ending. Personally, I think that the problems with BioWare really started when EA bought them and EA influence permeated through BioWare’s development (i.e. why people hate parts of ME3). Anyway, the Better Business Bureau looked at whether the problems with the ME3 ending warrant a false advertising complaint. (Forbes)

Joss Whedon has a Q&A on Reddit last week and revealed a few interesting tidbits about his work. (Pajiba)

With the 25th Anniversary of Fox coming up later this month, here’s a look at the top 25 comedies from their 25 years on air. (SplitSider)

There are scads of bad products that you can see on those As Seen On TV ads. These are the ten worst As Seen On TV car products. (Jalopnik)

In honour of Bubba Watson’s Masters win, here’s a video of the General Lee doing a bunch of jumps. It’s only appropriate since Bubba owns General Lee #1.

When customers get revenge. This Russian driver wasn’t happy that the dealership wouldn’t replace what he thought was a faulty shock on his car so he demonstrated his frustration thusly. In Soviet Russia, you screw dealership!

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