Entertainment Link-Off: Twists and Turns

In theatres this weekend, there’s the long awaited twisty sci-fi flick Cabin in the Woods. Also there’s the sci-fi action vehicle Lockout starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace. Let’s just try to forget that The Three Stooges remake is floating around somewhere as well. In the meantime, let’s just kick off this entry with Lockout’s leading lady.

After the jump, teasers of movie trailers seem quite pointless, the real story behind the return of Ron Burgundy, some Prometheus related news, the real location of Springfield and a few fun faux trailers to look out for.

I think this trend is quite ridiculous and I’m glad to see someone else pick up on it. Don’t teasers for movie trailers seem a little pointless? (Entertainment Weekly)

When Will Farrell showed up on Conan to make the announcement of Anchorman 2 going into production, many fans were pleasantly surprised. Lots of time has passed by since the first film came out and now director Adam McKay reveals the real story of why it took so long for Ron Burgundy to return to the big screen. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Fan poster for The Avengers is so good that it should be turned into the official one sheet. (Geek Tyrant)

Early buzz for The Avengers is in and it’s looking good. (Slashfilm)

Is he directing or is he not? Answer: not. After some speculation as to whether Gary Ross would return to make The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, he finally spoke up and revealed that he would not be returning to this successful franchise. (The Playlist)

Matt Groening finally reveals the real Springfield that inspired the fictional Springfield in The Simpsons. (The High Definite)

Ridley Scott rips into the MPAA during the 12 minute press preview of his latest film Prometheus. (Bleeding Cool)

New images from Prometheus look pretty cool. (Hey U Guys)

Watch Guy Pearce be a smartass and totally badass in the 5 minute preview of the film Lockout.

Explaining the Pokemon story in 1 minute.Yeah I gotta admit, it does sum it up pretty well.

Imagine the 3D re-release of Titanic was so profitable that James Cameron recruited George Lucas, JJ Abrams and Michael Bay to help pimp out his movie. Yeah it’ll be quite epic.

Another fun faux trailer alert. This time it’s a live action take on the cartoon Hey Arnold… with a horror twist?


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