Sunday Link-Off: Happy Easter Time

Despite the fact that I’m an atheist, even I’m willing to admit we’re more SEO-friendly by referencing Easter. Anyway, here’s Xenia Deli. She’s a Beach Bunny Swimwear model along with another famous model who we’ll have a little later on.

We all know that athletic departments wield serious power on college campuses but nothing rivals the sway of Notre Dame’s football program. Sexual assault accusations against Fighting Irish football players tend to end badly for the accuser. (Deadspin)

As Jackie mentioned yesterday, Chevy Chase is in the middle of a feud with Community creator Dan Harmon. What he didn’t mention is that Chase has a pretty lengthy history of being an asshole. (Gawker)

Darren Dreger gets a lot more respect from fans and media than I remember him getting while at Sportsnet. I’m not saying that TSN’s PR machine has turned him into a respectable inside but it is a remarkable change from host to insider. Anyway, he’s still an idiot. His Vezina vote is for Marc-Andre Fleury despite the mountain of evidence that suggests that Fleury is a below average netminder. (Driving Play)

After the jump, Tim McCarver’s greatest fear, EA tries to make amends for ruining BioWare and a Nickelback parody.

How does Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen deal with road trips? Drinking. (Larry Brown Sports)

What does Fox’s lead MLB analyst Tim McCarver think is the scariest thing in the world? Social networking. Clearly, he’s been reading about himself on Twitter. (Awful Announcing)

So former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams told players to target injuries of San Francisco players. (Yahoo Sports) I’m putting this in here because it’s a big story. However, it’s likely that this type of speech is normal across the NFL. But bounties and all, right?

Here’s a list of the top ten unanswered questions from TV shows. I’d like to know what Killer Bob’s deal was. (io9)

The fans appear to have won. EA Games and BioWare are releasing free DLC called “Extended Cut” which will “clarify” the ending of Mass Effect 3. (Forbes) God damn cheap HP laptop hard drive crapping out on me and forcing me to restart ME1 and ME2 from scratch. Fuck HP! And fuck EA!

But it is a good political move by EA considering how many people they’ve pissed off with the ME3 ending and day one DLC. And on that note, here are seven video game politicians that should run for President because they can’t be any worse than who the GOP are shoving down our throats. (Topless Robot)

Ain’t no proposal like a Final Fantasy marriage proposal. With the help of legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu, a man proposed to his girlfriend at a Final Fantasy music concert. (Kotaku)

In an appropriate link for the day, here are 30 geeky Easter eggs. (Gamma Squad)

And here’s an Easter video. It’s Kate Upton with Easter eggs.

A band did a parody Nickelback song about how bad the band is and it’s called Nickelcrap. It’s so much win.

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