Sunday Link-Off: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Okay, the Star Wars Episode I 3D premiere was two weeks ago but that doesn’t mean that we can’t run scads of Star Wars links today. Let’s kick off with Cris Urena. She wasn’t in Star Wars but she is out of this world… I’ll show myself out.

For a while in the early 2000s, BlackBerry was the biggest name in smartphones and mobile devices. Then the iPhone happened. This is the story of the RIM’s downfall. (The Verge) In all seriousness, BlackBerry will be a case that will be used in business school strategy classes for years to come.

CM Punk apparent feud isn’t some publicity stunt but rather a legitimate beef with a woman beater who acts entitled because of a Grammy. (Hot 97FM)

Remember that fish that ended up on the ice in the Toronto/Vancouver game last weekend? The perpetrator did it as a tribute to his son. (Off The Bench)

After the jump, scads of Star Wars links, details on Mass Effect 3 and what if somebody had a hand in The Phantom Menace other than George.

New York Knick baller Iman Shumpert’s knee will keep him out of the slam dunk contest at the NBA All-Star Weekend. It’s a shame because he was planning to jump over Jeremy Lin’s couch. (Larry Brown Sports)

How important is money in boxing? Floyd Mayweather’s management may have used their considerable financial clout to essentially blackmail HBO into silencing Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant when talking about Floyd Mayweather. (Sports By Brooks)

Two men have played through Mass Effect 3 from start to finish and absolutely love it. (Kotaku)

However, Mass Effect, BioWare and EA aren’t endearing themselves to gamers with DLC dropping on Day 1. The problem is that this will keep happening as long as gamers willingly lap up DLC. (Insert Coin)

He wasn’t credited for his work back in 1983 but very recently, we’ve found out who the voice of Admiral Ackbar is. This time, it’s not a trap. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Speaking of things that sound like a trap but aren’t, Darth Maul is coming back! I can’t believe it either. The Clone Wars cartoon will feature the return of the famous villain from Episode I. (UGO)

Some economics students from Lehigh University have priced out how much it would cost to build a Death Star. It’s a worthwhile investment if you ask me. (Nerdist)

The only man as synonymous with Star Wars as George Lucas is composer John Williams. Here’s a look at his legendary music career. (Gunaxin)

It’s gallery time. First, it’s some pretty cool Star Wars character art. (Unreality)

Want a gigantic Star Wars mosaic poster for your home, office or side of your home? Then this Star Wars-themed Last Supper mosaic is probably what you’re looking for. (Avinash Arora)

I don’t know if these are real or not but here are 18 amazing rejected Star Wars products. I actually want a Cloud City desk lamp. (Caveman Circus)

Here’s a great “What if” video. What if somebody was able to tweak Episode I in order to make it a good movie.

Batman is now Toronto’s Dark Knight.

The intro video to the Interactive Achievement Awards featured 15 different games and was shot entirely in Lego.

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