Wednesday Link-Off: Valentine’s Hangover

Valentine’s Day is over and most guys are very much poorer as a result. Single guys, however, can pick up the pieces because they have money. Anyway, here’s Kate Upton from her SI Swimsuit cover shoot (like you guys would let us get away with anything else).

Jeremy Lin came to Canada last night to do battle with the Raptors. But just what is Linsanity? The New Yorker examines why he’s become an overnight sensation. (The New Yorker)

Mr. Hilary Duff Mike Comrie has announced that he is retiring after yet another hip surgery. It’s been an odd journey for the heir to a Canadian furniture store empire. (Puck Daddy)

The CBC has launched CBC Music which is a free streaming music service designed to compete with the Spotifys of the world. The third song I heard was Rush so I like it. (CBC News)

After the jump, the best WWE Raw of the year, Ahmed Best thinks Jar-Jar could’ve been loved and Commander Shepard is still alive.

If there was a Sports Emmy for comedy, last night’s Monday Night Raw could’ve picked up the award. Read the Best And Worst recap and watch some clips. It was a hilarious show. (With Leather)

The Michelin star chef of Momofuko, David Chang, is also a huge sports fan. He talks about his love of sports in this interview. (The Classical)

Speaking of food, Alton Brown has ended Good Eats after 14 seasons and over 250 episodes. It’s such a shame because Good Eats is my second favourite cooking show after Emeril Live. (The Daily Beast)

Ahmed Best says that Jar-Jar Binks would’ve had a complete character arc that would’ve made people hate him less if his scene wasn’t cut from Revenge of the Sith. (EW) In other news, I would’ve called Kate Upton but her phone number that she wrote on a napkin was smudged by the rain.

If you’d rather see Star Wars in 3D that doesn’t involve 3D glasses in the theatre, you could travel to the sets in Tunisia. (Los Apos)

Can religion and video games mix in any meaningful way? It’s entirely possible that games could lead to a future religion. (Kotaku)

Skyrim might have cleaned up a bunch of awards for 2011 but it’s definitely nowhere near perfect. In fact, it’s full of hilarious bugs. (GamingBolt)

Ever want to win at a popular game show? You have to go against the grain and do some counter-intuitive stuff. (Cracked)

Arby’s is planning to completely rebrand itself with a new logo, redesigned restaurants and a new menu. Just don’t lose roast beef and curly fries. A swap to Coke is also recommended. (Business Insider)

Let’s wrinkle your brain early this morning with this collection of morphing GIFs. (UPROXX)

And here’s the latest internet meme: What my friends think I do vs. what I actually do. (Twisted Sifter)

Since the Mass Effect 3 demo dropped yesterday, here’s a Mass Effect version of the Portal ending song Still Alive. I hope that there’ll be a version of Want You Gone coming soon too.

Here’s a rare Indiana Jones commercial for Nutella. Maybe they should bring this ad back and replace the aliens in Crystal Skull with jars of Nutella. The sad thing is that the movie would be no worse off because of it.


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