Thursday Link-Off: Back Online

The world is back online today after yesterday’s blackout protest to combat SOPA. It turns out that we weren’t blacked out but we do have that snazzy anti-SOPA ribbon in the upper-right. Speaking of snazzy, that’s one way of describing Jessica Alba at the Golden Globes.

Joe Paterno gave his post-firing/retirement interview to the Washington Post. It didn’t do much to clarify things. (The Big Lead)

It used to be that the Habs were a perpetual contender for the Stanley Cup. Now, they’re a shell of them former selves. So what exactly happened to the former model NHL franchise. (Sportsnet)

I’m going to pull a With Leather on this link and plug ourselves but here’s a reminder of what SOPA and yesterday’s are all about. (The Lowdown Blog)

After the jump, how sports writers act like fanboys, the best Sherlock Holmes ever and Vlad Putin: Hockey Superstar.

The media are supposed to be impartial except cheering for a game that’s easy to write about before their deadline. However, emails to Auburn’s SID shows they act like fans just as much as the next guy. (Deadspin)

How big is the NHL’s concussion problem? The BBC is talking about it now. (BBC)

Speaking of hockey, it’s almost official that the NHL’s Winter Classic will play at Michigan Stadium in 2013 with a game between Detroit and Toronto. Here’s the pros and cons of that game. (Down Goes Brown)

Last week, we mentioned that Canada’s James Hinchcliffe is taking over as the driver of the GoDaddy IndyCar. Here’s a profile of Canada’s newest big racing star. (Sports Illustrated)

ESPN is bigger than it ever has been but is that making it worse than it ever has been. (The Daily Beast)

Coming soon to Tim Horton’s are larger sized coffee cups. By “larger” I mean the old sizes they had before Timmy’s started downsizing cups in 2006. (Toronto Star)

Coming sooner than you expected is the iPad 3 which is reportedly already being manufactured. (Forbes)

If you thought normal viewers weren’t impressed with Lana Del Rey on SNL, wait until you see what NBC news anchor Brian Williams had to say. (Gawker)

With the latest season of Sherlock having just wrapped up on the BBC, here’s a list of the ten best actors to play Holmes. (Den of Geek) Rathbone is ranked criminally low and he’s 3rd on this list.

Somebody put together a music video of Vladimir Putin playing hockey. Warning: Contains clips of Pierre McGuire.

Best. Volleyball rally. Ever. Two Chinese volleyball teams engage in an epic rally.

It’s not a real ad but this ad for the Pizza Boomerang is pretty cool.


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