Worst of Music: Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

I’ve never really understood why people like Maroon 5. Lead singer Adam Levine has an odd voice and the entire reason he seems to be in a band is so he can make out and roll around nude with impossibly gorgeous models in music videos. Unfortunately for us, he has to make music if he wants to keep sampling the talent which leads us to this week’s Worst of Music. Maroon 5 is back with a new single that only took two months after its debut on The Singing Bee (or whatever X-Factor knock-off that Levine was a part of on NBC) to near the top of the Billboard charts. This week’s WoM is Moves Like Jagger.

When you commit sacrilege, you’re going to win the WoM. Invoking the name of the living legend Mick Jagger is a high bar to set yourself and it’s easy to fall short. Naturally, Adam Levine’s voice, lyrics which are written more to make them rhyme than to mean anything, that occasionally dance/synth backing music and autotune combine to make this WoM-worthy. Sometimes the song doesn’t have to make your ears bleed (though Levine’s voice does) to be the Worst of Music. It just has to be a colossal disappointment. If you judge a song by its name, Moves Like Jagger should be great because it invokes Mick Jagger. Instead, it falls flat like your typical Maroon 5 song. And what is Christina Aguilera doing in this song? Her voice just doesn’t fit next to Levine’s. Not to mention that her verse just doesn’t seem to fit in the context of the song.

So congrats, Maroon 5. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for this week.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Worst of Music: Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

  1. Maroon 5 is not the bad singer he sung most songs like “she will be loved” and “won’t go home without you” that are on top of chart.. and this songs isn’t that bad.


  2. Seems like kind of a stupid song title and punchline “moves like Jagger” although the song is kind of catchy. The video is a little too au naturale free lovish for me with whole shirtless half fake looking tattoo thing going on but to each their own I suppose.


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  4. Maroon 5 make me want to vomit. They are just a bunch of spoilt college students who believe their own false hype. Nothing worse than seeing a bunch of talentless posers make records and then get famous for no other reason then being marketed aggressively by the record company. Maroon 5’s musical talent would be about the same as the Jonas Brothers only the muppet singer in the video loves showing off his tattoos to try to give them a bit of street cred. Jonas brothers with tattoos is all they are!!


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