Sunday Link-Off: Big Picture

Is it just me or has this week flown by? Maybe it has to do with everything that’s happened in the world over the last seven days. But let’s try to get things back to normal with Salma Hayek who looks her amazing mind-bogglingly amazing usual.

The sports world has been abuzz with the impending collapse of the University of Miami football program after this Yahoo investigative report which details illegal benefits given to players. (Yahoo Sports) Of course, the U’s big mistake was getting caught. I’d be willing to bet it happens everywhere.

The other big story in the sports world is this feature-length interview of Michael Vick. (GQ)

It’s been about two months since the launch of Bill Simmons’ Grantland website. However, as this takedown of Bill’s site says, it’s all been much ado about nothing. (Bryan Joiner)

After the jump, potential new NHL rules, TBS’ failure with Conan and Roenick makes Gretzky’s head bleed.

The UFC might have officially gone mainstream. They’ve just signed a $100 million TV contract with FOX. (The Big Lead)

The NHL’s R&D camp was last week. Here’s a breakdown of which proposed rules work and which ones need to be scrapped. (Puck Daddy)

Who own’s the rights to call the Yankees the “Evil Empire?” The Yankees are fighting for control of the trademark of the phrase “Baseball’s Evil Empire.” (Deadspin)

Time just named Bleacher Report one of the 50 best sites on the web. Of course, that’s absolute bullshit as they are known for spelling and grammar errors, factual errors, running frequent slideshows of attractive women for page views from “men’s” websites and tasteless slideshows comparing tragedies to sports. So Sports Pickle has created an honest redesign for BR so everyone knows what it’s really about. (Sports Pickle)

Speaking of interweb crimes, it turns out that people are offering good product reviews for money. (New York Times)

The hype that surrounded Conan’s debut on TBS seems to have fizzled. Now that Lopez has been cancelled, it’s the least viewed late night show on TV. Of course, when your channel is reruns and craptacular original programming, it’s pretty much the most likely outcome. (Wall Street Journal)

Ever wonder what Facebook’s terms of service says in English? Here it is translated into bro speak. (Slacktory)

Remember the video from earlier this week of teenage girls in Mexico freaking out over not getting Bieber concert tickets? Well, they’re getting desperate. Some are going as far as offering to trade their virginity for tickets. Some people are just sad. (Uproxx)

The Simpsons aren’t the first place you would look for culinary inspiration but they’ve cooked some interesting stuff on there. If you’ve ever wanted to cook Simpsons-style, here are five recipes from the show. (Warming Glow) I’m not going to be trying these myself, though. I value my life too much.

To show that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, here is a list of the ten highest paid authors in the world. Not sure what’s sadder about that list: Who’s on it or how little they make. (Business Insider)

Remember the scenes from Swingers where Vince Vaughan makes Gretzky’s head bleed. Well, Jeremy Roenick stars in a remake of that famous scene.

What happens when a Detroit choir does a charity cover of Eminem? Pure magic.


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