Worst of Music: JLS – She Makes Me Wanna

One of the hardest parts of doing the Worst of Music is finding new WoM winners when the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten is filled with past WoM winners. This week’s Billboard top ten has five past WoM winners and a few pretty good songs to fill it out (shockingly). So I took a look at the UK Singles charts and didn’t have to look far for a WoM worthy song. I’ve never heard of JLS but after listening to their new #1 single, I wish no one else had either. Winning the Worst of Music award this week is X-Factor runner-up JLS for She Makes Me Wanna.

There are two things from this song that jump out at me right away. First, most of the lyrics are “Oh”s. Not every song is going to have the lyrical genius of Lennon and McCartney. But this song has less effort put into writing the lyrics than any instrumental song ever written. The other thing that jumps is that the boys of JLS have higher pitched voices than Dev. Clearly, they’re trying to get in on that Bieber thing of singing like their balls haven’t dropped. If Frankie Valli was starting out today, he’d likely be the biggest star in the music industry. And I’ll insert the usual comment about the annoying dance track this is all overlaid on.

So congrats, JLS. You’ve won the prestigious Worst of Music award for this week.

Have a better WoM candidate for next week? Drop it in the comments.

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