Sunday Link-Off: Holy Mackinaw

I’d like to say there’s a theme to today’s Sunday links but there really isn’t. For example, there’s no real rhyme or reason to kicking off with Miranda Kerr.

Last week, I linked a New Yorker story that looked behind-the-scenes of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. It turns out that it might have been too good to be true. (Registan)

I haven’t gotten to the part of the ESPN Book about the feud between Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews but it looks like it might be getting out of control. Take the ESPYs after parties, for example. (Awful Announcing)

There’s a Joe Bowen rap? This beats the hell out of those Harvey’s and V-Tech commercials. Are we sure it wasn’t Young Offender but DGB that made this? (Down Goes Brown)

After the jump, how the pros flirt on Twitter, the McGangBang and the greatest card trick ever.

I’ve never heard of it working for regular folk but Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki are flirting over Twitter… Or they were until Rory’s ex caught found out. (Fan Phooey)

Given the obsession that some blogs have with the wives and girlfriends of athletes, I thought this list of WAGs who are more famous than their athlete husbands was hilarious. (Business Insider)

Or if you prefer your look at pretty women and sports a different way, here’s a comparison of fantasy football running backs to attractive female celebrities. (With Leather)

Speaking of football, a Pittsburgh Steelers coach sold his Mercedes SL500 to a member of the training camp staff for $20. (Top Gear)

I was a sucker for a choose your own adventure books growing up. Naturally, I’m obligated to link this choose your own Grand Theft Auto adventure. (Escapist Magazine)

Have you ever heard of the McGangBang sandwich? It’s an unofficial McDonald’s sandwich that sure sounds mighty tasty… And artery clogging. (Gunaxin)

With the success of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, AMC is the latest cable TV darling. However, it’s already clearly experiencing growing pains with the big changes with The Walking Dead and the critical disaster (at least among the fools that didn’t watch Twin Peaks) that was The Killing. (Hollywood Reporter)

None of these artists have won our Worst of Music award but these five musicians are well advised to get back on drugs if they want to avoid it with their new stuff. (The Smoking Jacket)

Speaking of drugs, a recent study of people 95-years-old and older shows that living poorly can help you live longer. (Today Health)

Time for photo galleries to close out this linkdump. First, it’s 10 inappropriate children’s products that were for some reason sold to the public. (Business Pundit)

It’s time for another collection of the best sports GIFs of the month from the gang at SB Nation. (SB Nation)

There’s too many videos in this link to embed so I’ll just send you there. It’s the complete 1992 Royal Rumble match won by Ric Flair. (Caveman Circus)

Greatest card trick ever? Canadian magician and card magic world champion Shawn Farquhar tricks Penn and Teller with an amazing trick.

What happens when the UFC marketing department puts together a video as a intra-office joke? They create one of the best hype packages ever for one of their pay-per-views.

And let’s close on a slightly artsy note. It’s a time-lapse video of Los Angeles.

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