Sunday Link-Off: Holy Mackinaw

I’d like to say there’s a theme to today’s Sunday links but there really isn’t. For example, there’s no real rhyme or reason to kicking off with Miranda Kerr.

Last week, I linked a New Yorker story that looked behind-the-scenes of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. It turns out that it might have been too good to be true. (Registan)

I haven’t gotten to the part of the ESPN Book about the feud between Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews but it looks like it might be getting out of control. Take the ESPYs after parties, for example. (Awful Announcing)

There’s a Joe Bowen rap? This beats the hell out of those Harvey’s and V-Tech commercials. Are we sure it wasn’t Young Offender but DGB that made this? (Down Goes Brown)

After the jump, how the pros flirt on Twitter, the McGangBang and the greatest card trick ever. Continue reading