Entertainment Link-Off: Sci-Fi Showdown

Normally I would kick off the Entertainment Link-Off with something related to a big release this weekend, but I’ll go a different route today. Kicking off the ELO is Jessica Nigri. Her outfit as Eloa from Knightingale was definitely one of the highlights of this year’s Comic-Con.

After the jump, some stuff on Cowboys and Aliens, the Battleship teaser is here, tidbits on NBC’s Community, a look at The Avengers, Harrison Ford got some beef with Chewbacca and an epic Star Wars gang fight.

With Cowboys and Aliens out this weekend, it would be appropriate to start throwing in some parodies. How about Cowboys and Pokemons? (G4TV)

Cowboys and Aliens star Olivia Wilde can be next seen in the comedy The Change Up. However she’s taking the Jessica Alba route by relying on CGI nudity during her sex scene with Ryan Reynolds. (JoBlo)

Recently we got a first look at one of the big blockbusters, John Carter, starring Friday Night Lights alum Taylor Kitsch. Now it’s time the trailer for another summer action flick which he headlines. Yes… it’s based on the board game Battleship. (Yahoo)

With Hollywood running out of ideas, they’re turning to board games for future flick franchises. So Battleship just might turn out okay, so it’s time to look at other possibilities out there. Actually on second thought… the other board games might not translate to the big screen too well… (Buzzfeed)

Catch a clip of the Disney animated series Tron Uprising! (Collider)

Some pictures for the highly anticipated The Hunger Games have surfaced. Have a look! (Entertainment Weekly)

Paul WS Anderson and Damon Lindelof takes a shot at rebooting the Terminator franchise. Which one sounds better? (Wired)

Kevin Smith’s latest film Red State is now getting an Oscar Qualifying Run. In addition to that there’s a new trailer and a new poster! Oh he’s also touring Canada with the film as well. (Slashfilm)

NBC’s Community is known for its homages and pop culture references, but sadly Donald Glover doesn’t think that they’ll be able to do one for his favourite movie Back to the Future. (Cinema Blend)

Community is definitely one of the funniest shows on television right now but sadly Emmy voters fail to recognize that. With the use of a rather self-depreciating banner, the show is officially back into production. (@joelmchale on Twitter)

For those who haven’t seen Captain America yet… here’s a tease of the teaser trailer for The Avengers. Be warned… it features the last bit of the Captain America film here. Spoilers beware. (Yahoo)

A look at how The Avengers prevented other superhero films from reaching their full potential. (Collider)

So much drama going on behind the scenes for Glee! (The Daily Beast) However, show creator Ryan Murphy talks to Deadline to clear up a few things. (Deadline)

Modern Family star Nolan Gould shares some of the lessons that he’s learned at his first ever Comic-Con. (AOL)

Kassem G does his annual interview with Jessica Nigri at Comic-Con.

It’s all about the cosplay at Comic-Con, so here’s a nice compilation via a lipdub of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

Harrison Ford recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and turns out he has a feud to settle with Chewbacca!

In an effort to promote Cowboys and Aliens, they even recruited Youtuber Freddie Wong to make a short based on the film. The video features director Jon Favreau as a special guest.

Epic Jedi Gang Fight! Nuff said.

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