Sunday Link-Off: The Boys of Summer

It’s time for the Sunday links. Since it’s been a while since I’ve done a linkdump, I’ll have some old ones in here. But in the meantime, here’s Blake Lively because we’re seeing a lot more of her lately (pun intended).

There’s a new show on FX starring Frodo Baggins and an imaginary dog… I don’t get it either. Anyway, Fox decided to promo it during their baseball games in the worst way possible. (MockSession)

The NFLPA’s latest move to get more money for the players? Stay decertified. (Yahoo Sports)

Having fun at school is verboten! Two high school seniors had some fun by performing a lightsaber fight in the cafeteria. The principal didn’t like it so much. (WHDH)

After the jump, other NHL disciplinarian candidates, strange TLC shows and Ukrainian parliament vs. Mortal Kombat.

Now Brendan Shanahan might be the NHL’s new disciplinarian but that doesn’t mean he was the only one considered for the job. The NHL actually interviewed several former players for the post… (Down Goes Brown)

Some folks at Harvard have way too much time on their hands. They’ve figured out a why to go to all 30 MLB ball parks in only 35 days. (Wall Street Journal)

Butter Chicken takes a look at TLC’s lineup. Yes, TLC actually has those shows in its lineup. (Food Court Lunch)

This one is probably something I should save for the Man Lab but sometimes you’re better off rushing these things out. It’s the hidden secrets of the best online dating profile pictures. (LA Times)

One time on Twitter, I mentioned how much Justin Bieber fans scared me. Well, now they’re sending death threats to Selena Gomez because she’s dating the Bieb. Don’t cross the Bieliebers. (New York Post)

This is a list of the 500 greatest songs of all-time. Two questions: 1) Who decided on this list? and 2) Who thought that 500 was a good length for this list? (Rolling Stone)

According to a recent survey, millions of Americans are unfit to drive. If only someone did something about the results of that survey, I wouldn’t have to be so paranoid while driving. (CNN Money)

Here’s a list of the best special moves in video games. Is there any real doubt what #1 could be? (Calm Down Tom)

Remember what I said about old links? Well, here’s the Indy 500 finish. Still amazing seven days later.

After the not-infamous-enough chokeslam during a session a little while back, here’s a battle between Ukrainian Parliament and Mortal Kombat.


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