Sunday Link-Off: Boom Goes The Dynamite

It’s time for another edition of the Sunday links. To celebrate no more new Glee episodes for the next four months, here’s Lea Michele.

The ESPN book came out came out this week and ESPN radio even featured interviews with the author. However, ESPN higher-ups scripted the interviews so ESPN wouldn’t come out looking too bad. Former ESPN personalities Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen saw the humour in the situation. (Sports By Brooks)

Speaking of Dan Patrick, he didn’t feel like he was treated well at the mothership. (Bro Bible)

Tony Romo got married yesterday. He’s got some interesting things on his wedding registry list. (E Online)

After the jump, dress like a race car driver, get geeked for E3 and boom goes the dynamite.

With the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, an intrepid shirt designer came up with the perfect shirt for hurting Cavs fans. (The Basketball Jones)

My team, the Detroit Lions, are putting staff on two-week furloughs to save money during the lockout. Not everyone is a fan of this tactic. (The Big Lead)

Today is the unofficial Memorial Day 1250 racing weekend. There’s about 150 miles at Monaco, 500 miles at Indianapolis and 600 miles at Charlotte. While watching the racing, you can check out some great race driver fashion choices. (Ask Men)

Did you know that the Canadian Supreme Court is keen on clarifying the rules of consensual sex. Fortunately, Blue Menu has all the important rulings for you. (Food Court Lunch)

Given the increasing emphasis on storytelling in video games and making them more like interactive movies, the question is being posed: Do we need movies based on video games anymore? (IGN)

E3 2011 is just around the corner. Here’s a look at the five most exciting games coming to E3. (Calm Down Tom)

Also coming to E3 is Hulk Hogan’s new Kinect game Hulk Hogan’s Main Event. Like the Hulkster’s in-ring career, there’s less emphasis on actual wrestling than showmanship. (Kotaku)

Let’s close out today’s links with some lists. First, it’s 12 strange words that actually exist. (Oddball Daily)

Next, it’s the 20 strangest moments in athlete Twitter history. (Business Insider)

And closing out before the YouTube videos, it’s the ten people who are on your company’s softball team. (Sports Pickle)

It’s the redemption of Brian “Boom Goes The Dynamite” Collins on Tosh.0. He does an interview and calls a pick-up basketball game with Gus “Rise and Fire” Johnson.

The Canucks have another parody song for the playoffs. This one is a parody of Bruno Mars’s Lazy Song. Please, God, don’t let them win the Cup.

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