The Best of Like A Little

Let’s add a new site to our ongoing best of the interweb series as an early Christmas gift. The site is just a couple of months old but it’s already gone viral. The site allows people to anonymously flirt and connect with random people they meet over the course of the day. The site is broken up by universities so for our first look at Like A Little, let’s look at the best of UWO’s Like A Little page.

(All stories in this post should be considered sic’d.)

At Weldon 5th Floor: Female, Brunette. I love that grey sweater you have on, and especially the spandex, but its you’re mono that really gets me goin

At Alumini House: Female, Black hair. damnnnn your cough is so sexy .. that raspy voice is mad hot 😉

At NCB 101: Male, Black hair. You were dancing in the front of the class for the CAISA Fashion Show flash mob. Can I have a private dance lesson?

At weldon basement section B: Female, Blonde. girl with french braided hair, black lulu pants tight to her bum.. unreal, low cut, fitted black long sleeve top, studying biology … i think you’d look pretty cute sitting on top of me! how about you come over here and we can study that bio together? 😉

At weldon: Female, Brunette. second floor of weldon study room 245E. Some girl with a nice rack just flashed me and my buddies. Come back and bring your friends.

At ssc @ 2:30: Female, Black hair. u have class in ssc2050 at 2:30. green pants today, you sat back row of the desk seats, your body is amazinggggg fahhhhhhhhhk

At uwo: Male, Black hair. 9x-7i >3(3x-7u)

At 6 Richmond: Female, Blonde. Hey… You sat across from me on the bus… at first I was just looking past you, but then I looked directly at you and… it was like looking into the face of God. I… I heard angels sing and this blinding light poured out from all around you and I started weeping. Then my nose started to bleed and I got this terrible pain in my head from looking at the light that was everywhere. I must have passed out and when I woke up, you were gone.

At Club Rouge: Male, Black hair. indian guy with green checkered shirt last night.. you were dancing all by yourself, eyes closed, enjoying your drink and the music… you looked crazy and so much fun! we should go out some time!

At campus: Female, Brunette. you look like Nina Dobrev, Ill be your vampire any day.

At UWO: Male, Brunette. anyone got coke or e?… possibly md, last resort.

At essex: Male, Black hair. Asian guy, decent height, 5th floor. Gucci perfume …i gotta say, i’m drawn to that scent every time i see u class and elevator…they say you’ve got a gf, but i’d still love to get to know u 🙂

At EPL: Female, Blonde. Did anyone else who ssaw Wayne Rooney’s bicycle kick goal last week get aroused?

At essex 3 (north?) laundry room: Male, Brunette. It’s a little late to be doing laundry eh? (3am) you were wearing a grey or green long sleeve shirt. Come take your clothes off in my room. Message me.

At drury: Female, Blonde. you are sleeping right now but i can see you and i like watching you sleep………you’re so cute i just want to eat you up nom nom nom

At Perth Dining Hall: Female, Brunette. Young girl that works at caf with the nice eyes. You’re beautiful, and you honestly brighten my day with your smile. You’re always so nice, it’s incredible. Thanks for making me my sandwiches on weekends!

At MEDSYD: Female, Brunette. Asian girl with glasses from JN3?? you rock my socks, saw you in the caf, wish you were on the menu

At Kegger: Male, Brunette. Saugeen stripper was nothing compared to what happened in that Elektro haus props to the hosts

At dt: Male, Brunette. i would until i had rug burns on my knees 😉

At Kings Library, 2nd Floor: Male, Blonde. HEY BLONDIE pre-pubescent guy, studying by the washroom, kings t-shirt bright green and pink YOUR HOT I WANT TO DO DIRTY THINGS TOO YOU!

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