Sunday Link-Off: Star Power

Apparently folks have just discovered Swedish model Mini Anden. We’ve known about her since she was one the fourth episode of Chuck in 2007.

The gang at Bloomberg have determined the most powerful athlete in the world on and off the field. Thanks to Tiger’s last year, there’s a new sheriff in town. (Business Week)

Speaking of power in sports, there’s a hell of a lot of star power at LA Lakers games. Want to know which seats let you rub elbows with Hollywood’s elite. Here’s the star map of the Staples Center. (Hollywood Reporter)

And speaking of LA, it was 15 years ago last week that the Kings unveiled their third jersey. It’s a day that will live in infamy for some hockey fans. Here’s the story behind those jerseys. (The Royal Half)

After the jump, more NHL links, Ridley Scott’s new TV project and the Dead Space hand cannon.

With the Super Bowl still a week away, I thought this link was a good one for football fans just the same. It’s a study of which team is the most exciting to watch. The answer will surprise you. (Wall Street Journal)

Deadspin contributor Katie Baker shares her stories of online chats with hockey fans in a post titled “I Was Teenage Hockey Message Board Jailbait.” (Deadspin)

Jeremy Roenick told Dan Patrick that Sidney Crosby is more talented than Wayne Gretzky. I think JR might have gotten hit in the head a few times during his career. (Sports By Brooks)

Erin Andrews is in the news again. The people of Oregon are upset with her for saying Nike’s cleats were slipping during the BCS Championship Game. (The Big Lead)

Wonder how good the bottom-up beer dispenser works? It’s in action in Philly and here’s an eye-witness report. (Crossing Broad)

Everyone knows that the best movie car chase of all-time was Bullitt. Here’s the behind the scenes story as told by Steve McQueen’s stunt driver. (Jalopnik)

Along those lines, it looks like Ridley Scott is working on a motorsports drama series. Why am I worried we’ll see in descend into the realm of Driven? (Adam Cooper)

Keeping with TV, here’s Gene Roddenberry’s original pitch for Star Trek. (Lee Thomson)

Not exactly shocking news here: Attractive news anchors distract male viewers. Explains how the likes of Megyn Kelly and Robin Meade have jobs. (Miller-McCune)

Sony made another huge wave in the gaming world with the introduction of the successor to the PSP, code named NGP. Here’s a look at the NGP stacks up against Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS. (Calm Down Tom)

I’m taking over the entertainment links for a few weeks starting on Saturday. So let’s get in the mood with this list of sequels that won’t happen in 2011 but we’d like to see. (Cool Material)

From a list about the future to one about the past. It’s the eight most addicting NES games. (Unreality) I’m disappointed that Blades of Steel didn’t make the list.

I’ve just started playing Dead Space 2 but already know I’m going to miss out on something cool by playing normal difficulty. If you play on hardcore difficulty you get the HAND CANNON as a reward. Best video game video of the year (so far).

Did you know it’s X-Games time again? Yeah, neither did I. Anyway, here’s a Norwegian snowboarder with a couple of double entendres about his snowboard.

And again, here’s something to keep you hyped for the Super Bowl. It’s the NFL on Fox theme song choir rap by a guy in front of a green screen.


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