Pick the Best of The Lowdown BlogCast

Every year we do a special Listeners’ Choice episode of The Best of The Lowdown BlogCast. Today, we’re not announcing a vote for the best of season three but a best of the last three years of Lowdown. After the jump are some of our better and more memorable segments from the last three seasons of The Lowdown. You get to vote for your favourites and get them included in a special Best of The Lowdown podcast.

Feature Length Segments

Interview: Dr. Guy Grenier (Originally Aired: February 5, 2008)
Jackie interviews renowned relationship expert Guy Grenier about how to pick-up women, pick-up lines, where to meet singles, internet dating and what would be a good date to go on.
Listen to the clip here.

Feature: Tour of UWO Campus (Originally Aired: September 16, 2008)
Steve goes through the UWO campus and examines buildings that frosh will never go into. His stops on the tour include the Law Building, D.B. Wheldon Library, the Ivey Building, the Thames Hall to Spencer Engineering tunnel, the Thompson Engineering building, and the then under construction Campus Rec Centre.
Listen to the clip here.

Interview: Judah Freed (Originally Aired: September 16, 2008)
Steve interviews political journalist and author Judah Freed about political spin. They talk about typical tactics used by politicians in advertising and why social movements are more powerful than talking about platform points in campaigning.
Listen to the clip here.

Segment: Randy Moller Goal Calls (Originally Aired: March 3, 2009)
Florida Panthers radio play-by-play man Randy Moller gained internet fame for his unique and enthusiastic goal calls. This segment features some of his best calls. Afterwards, Steve tries out some of his own UWO Mustang-ized goal calls.
Listen to the clip here.

Feature: Soundtrack To Your Life (Originally Aired: June 9, 2009)
Jackie puts all of life’s major event to song. From start to finish and some of the odder points in between, Jackie has it covered.
Listen to the clip here.

Feature: Tour of London (Originally Aired: September 15, 2009)
Jackie and Steve follow-up on last year’s tour of the UWO campus with a tour of London. They go from campus to the John Labatt Centre to The Ceeps to White Oaks Mall to East of Adelaide. Naturally, it goes horribly wrong for Steve at every turn.
Listen to the clip here.

Feature: Raw Is CPAC 3 (Originally Aired: March 30, 2010)
Our legendary look at politics as professional wrestling continues in the third episode of Raw is CPAC. In this episode, Prime Minister Harper comes out as PMC Harper as he tries to regain popularity by pretending to be a rapper. When the PM calls out President Barack Obama, all hell breaks loose.
Listen to the clip here.

Short Segments

Promo: Powerthirst 2 (Originally Aired: May 27, 2008)

Promo: Flea Market Rap (Originally Aired: September 30, 2008)

Promo: MacBook Air (Originally Aired: February 3, 2009)

It Came From YouTube: Conan O’Brien – Free Bird (Originally Aired:February 2, 2010)

It Came From YouTube: Galactic Empire State Of Mind (Originally Aired: April 27, 2010)


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