Sunday Link-Off: New Year’s Hangover

Let’s kick off the first Sunday linkdump of the year with Scarlett Johansson who was GQ’s “Babe of the Year.”

SI’s Richard Deitsch named his sports media award winners last week. The sports media person of the year is someone new to the game that completely revolutionized football commentary without being a commentator. (Sports Illustrated)

The Post takes a look inside the not so secret world of sports groupies and where they share their secrets and tactics online. (New York Post)

It’s time for Lake Superior State University’s annual list of words to be banned from the English language. It won’t stop anyone from saying these words but it should be taken under advisement. (CBC)

After the jump, how to kick ass at Monopoly, the drunkest cities in America and Argentina’s Dancing with the Stars sure is better than the US version.

Looking for the secret to beat down your Monopoly opponents? Stats geeks have figured out which spaces you should buy. (Deadspin)

Here’s an interesting theory that I guarantee no one else has come up with: Katy Perry’s Firework might be about a certain NFL dongslinger. (Second String Fullback)

Just for fun, here’s a look at the history of the NHL referee uniform. (Third String Goalie)

I picked a bad week to cancel the Late Night Link-Off. Here’s a clip from Argentina’s version of Dancing with the Stars which includes a stripping, simulated sex and nudity. Obviously, it’s NSFW. That being said, can we get ABC to import this version of the show? (Gawker)

Miss out on someone’s Christmas gift? Make it up to your favourite nerd with Star Wars coffee. (Gunaxin)

Speaking of Star Wars, it’s among the worst offenders in bad space science in movies according to this checklist. (Gizmodo)

And Robot Chicken isn’t just spoofing Star Wars now. They’re also helping to sell the latest awful Star Wars video game The Force Unleashed 2. (Kotaku) When the commercial is better than the game…

And keeping with video games, here’s the secret of how Nintendo got their NES light gun to work some 20+ years before console makers figured out how to do it again. (Today I Found Out)

Here’s a year end recap that guys should take note of. It’s a look at 50 guys that we all wish we were in 2010. (Guyism)

I don’t believe in this horoscope shit but some people do. So here are your 2011 horoscopes. (London Free Press)

A short gallery for you. It’s the best sports photos of 2010 and the stories behind them. (Wall Street Journal)

And you could have used this gallery/list last week but it was later coming out that we would have liked. It’s the drunkest cities in America. Just save this one for reference. (The Daily Beast)

Some guys tried doing a live-action version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opening. I forgot how annoying that theme was.

Hugh Jackman tried his hand at cricket against Aussie star Shane Warne. It went about as well as his Opera appearance.


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