Sunday Link-Off: Spin-o-rama

Nearly a year after being named Maxim’s hottest woman of 2010, here’s the obligatory Katy Perry Maxim photo.

In an effort to build the rivalry ahead of the Winter Classic, Vanity Fair did an interview with Sidney Crosby. Naturally, he does nothing to promote the game like say something interesting. (Vanity Fair)

Just in time for Christmas, it’s a look at the science of Santa Claus’ annual world tour. Kids probably shouldn’t click this one. (Daily Telegraph)

What would you do if you were stuck in a snowstorm: Rent a car and offer a foreign woman a ride or use your celebrity to hitch a ride with a fan? Here’s the tales of Joe Posnanski and Peter King. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the Waffle Man, the Madden 12 planning session and the best shootout goal this year.

Gotta love minor league promotions. The Dayton Gems are holding a special Jerry “The King” Lawler night. (Puck Daddy)

And here’s a horribly bad hockey-related promotion. It’s Upper Deck’s Justin Bieber hockey cards. (Sportress of Blogitude)

A lot was made over the waffle’s being thrown at the Toronto Maple Leafs earlier this week. Well, the Waffle Man has revealed himself. (Winnipeg Sun)

Turning away from sports, have you ever wondered if we should still be watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. (Deadspin)

With the release of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii, Nintendo took the opportunity to update some of the literature from the original SMB game. (Kotaku)

Work has already begun on Madden 2012. John and EA Sports held their big meeting in the Madden man cave and here’s a behind the scenes look at what you might see next year. (USA Today)

Your fun basketball fact of the day: Yao Ming knows the Konami Code. (Ball Don’t Lie)

Speaking of Christmas, there’s finally a Jewish Christmas tree. No that’s not a typo or oxymoron. (Co.Design)

Sylvester Stallone was granted enshrinement in boxing’s hall of fame this past week. No one’s really sure why besides the fact he was Rocky. So that inspired this list of 20 fictional athletes that should be enshrined in real halls of fame. (Bro Bible)

On the topic of the next Madden game, maybe they can make the ratings more detailed like these suggestions. (Sports Pickle)

Looking to make Windows better? Install a Mac OS on your computer. Or, if not that, try some of these registry hacks to make it a little better. (How to Geek)

Last week was the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. To mark the occasion, ESPN released the behind the scenes story of breaking the story on Monday Night Football.

Here’s the shootout goal that was mentioned on Hockey Night In Canada last night. Linus Omark does a gimmick in a gimmick to score the game winner. Can’t really fault him. It’s within the letter of the rules.

Since last night was the Spike Video Game Awards, here’s a look at a game that definitely won’t be picking up any gongs.

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