Wednesday Link-Off: Surely You Can’t Be Serious

We’ve got a bit of a comedy thing happening in today’s WLO so let’s kick off with Cobie Smulders.

We know that the NHL has its reasonably fair share of scandals. Avery, Campbell, Eagleson… and that’s about all I can think of right now. However, there is a set procedure for dealing with these as shown by this flowchart. (Down Goes Brown)

The Grey Cup was this past week. Sadly, Montreal won. However, us viewers also won because TSN put more into this game broadcast than they did for the whole 2010 Olympics. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the production efforts. (55-Yard Line)

With the passing of Canadian icon Leslie Nielsen this weekend, let’s look back at 10 of his best scenes. (Bro Bible)

After the jump, Sports Human of the Year voting, a Fox Nation epic fail and a couple of Monday Night Football moments. Continue reading