Lowdown BlogCast: October 12, 2010

A couple weeks late and a couple dollars short, it’s time for another edition of The Lowdown BlogCast. We were hoping to get this episode online sometime over the last couple of weeks but general laziness prevented it. So tonight, here’s our NHL season preview.  The show starts with the guys’ championship-calibre fantasy hockey tips for your standard draft fantasy pool and for your salary cap pool. They pick the best players at each position whether you don’t need to worry about money or if you need bang for your buck. That’s followed up by entertainment which is dominated by electronic/dance-ish music in each of Jackie’s single of the week, It Came From YouTube and the Worst of Music. The boys also do a brief examination of the new TV season after a couple weeks. After entertainment, it’s back to more hockey. The boys pick their division champions, season-end award winners and make their picks for this season’s Stanley Cup champion. In all, it’s 85 minutes of classic Lowdown fun and hilarity.

Click here to download The Lowdown BlogCast.
Click here to download the podcast quality version.


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