Entertainment Link-Off: Dance Like No One’s Watching

It’s the first weekend of August and the summer movies are starting to come to an end. This weekend there’s the dance movie franchise with declining popularity with Step Up 3D starring Aussie actress Sharni Vinson. The Step Up flicks aren’t that great plot-wise, but they fun to check out. However, I think the buddy cop comedy The Other Guys seem to be tracking better and is generating a lot more laughter as well. Plus, how can you not like a film with a loaded cast of Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Sam Jackson and Dwayne Johnson?

After the jump a lot of new Scott Pilgrim promo stuff to check out, the characters of Inception doesn’t quite get inception, Little Fockers is a little focked and Eva Mendes’ sex tape!

What a great way to sell the film! Take a look at this fascinating interactive movie trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It’s filled with behind the scenes clips, little fun facts and audio commentary from director Edgar Wright. This is like a free version of the DVD feature! (Yahoo)

Speaking of fun Scott Pilgrim related stuff, check out the movie posters for Lucas Lee’s (played by Chris Evans) films that he made after he broke up with Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). The movies might look crappy, but I kinda wish they made them for real, especially Action Doctor. Even the tagline for that is a winner: “The good news is you’re going to live. The bad news is he’s going to kill you!” (Empire)

First look at the Scott Pilgrim animated series courtesy of Adult Swim. It will throw in some of the flashback material that was left out of the feature film. (Slashfilm)

Here’s a fun short read. Why a slacker like Scott Pilgrim is such a great hero? (io9)

As for news for another Michael Cera related project… Good news: the Arrested Development movie script is moving forward. Bad news: it is only half done! (The Hollywood Reporter)

God help us all! There will be a Justin Bieber biopic in 3D! The good news is that it sorta hit a bump in the road since there is no director at the moment. (Slashfilm)

The most terrifying movie poster ever was just released this week. It’s not quite what you think. In fact, it’s Yogi Bear! Actually, make that Pedo-Bear! (JoBlo)

Star Wars live-action TV series is on hold. (Comic Book Movie)

If the terribly unfunny trailer of Little Fockers didn’t give anything away, looks like the latest need for reshoots is saying that this movie is gonna be focked. (LA Times) (NY Mag)

Joseph Kosinski is developing a good relationship with Disney. First he helms the highly anticipated sequel to Tron and now Disney has secured dibs on his latest sci-fi project, Oblivion. (Deadline)

If you’re curious what it’s all about, take a look at the first chapter of the Oblivion graphic novel. (AICN)

Latest scoop on A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas: there will be a lot of pot and a lot of nudity including showering nuns. (Collider)

Here’s an interview with director Matt Reeves as he talks about his latest film Let Me In. During the interview he reveals what he kept and what he changed from the original vampire classic. (io9)

LOL of the day! Inception characters don’t understand inception. (College Humor)

Awesome Christopher Nolan flowchart that helps you determine which of his films you are watching. Watch out for some spoilers though. (Entertainment Weekly)

The postponed Comic-Con event for Terra Nova was a bad sign already and now it looks like it won’t make it to FOX’s midseason schedule after all. (Entertainment Weekly)

What a great way to generate buzz for your movie. Just claim that Olivia Wilde filmed a nude scene in it! (JoBlo)

Since Facebook is getting a movie about itself, why not one for Youtube? As a response to the upcoming release of The Social Network, it looks like Youtube is taking a dip into this as well. Take a look at The Video Website.


Watch out for Eva Mendes’ sex tape! Actually it’s not quite what you think it is…

I’m sure you’ve played that awesome computer game The Oregon Trail. Well looks like a faux trailer has popped up for it. Fun video to watch. However that joy sorta erodes when we suddenly realize that this might be giving Hollywood an idea to make an actual feature film adaptation…



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