Wednesday Link-Off: To Be Famous

Let’s kick off this WLO with Danielle Hilliard who just did a photo shoot for our pals at Lion’s Den U. There’s a link to the whole shoot after the jump. It’s also a preview of tomorrow’s post.

Big Daddy Drew tries to answer one of life’s unanswerable questions: How many famous people are there in the world? (Deadspin)

As we all know, the Americans were bounced from the World Cup. Some supporters didn’t take it so well. (SportsGrid)

Speaking of the World Cup, what exactly is that magic spray that seems to make everyone better instantly. (Slate)

After the jump, down goes Fedor, the best of bad writing, and more Danielle Hilliard.

Fedor lost! Hit the link for a video of the fight (which includes Gus Johnson commentary) and what it means for MMA. (The Big Lead)

Devastating news from the upcoming Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. It looks like Kobayashi is holding out for more money. It’ll be a Joey Chestnut romp. (Deadspin)

UWO Mustang legend Michael Faulds is coming back to coach… the York Lions. At least ‘Stangs fans will see him once this year. (The CIS Blog)

And since I’m on the topic of football, here’s the only football link you need this off-season. It’s the NFL Arrest Database. (Sign On San Diego)

Aston Martin has updated the DB9. It’s a subtle change but as long as it looks like a DB9, I like it. (Top Gear)

How do you know that you’ve made it big? You’re profiled in the New York Times. I guess this means that Olivia Munn is officially big… Something nerds knew a long time ago. (New York Times)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, the gang on the Skywalker Ranch unearthed messages from the film’s promotional hotline. (Star Wars)

And speaking of bad writing (and I’m a Star Wars fan and I’ll admit that), San Jose University announced their worst writing in fiction awards yesterday. Unlike the World Cup, Canada cleaned house there. (CBC)

And even more (talking about) bad writing, it’s a look at the thinking behind sites like Huffington Post and Bleacher Report. (AdAge)

UWO’s original Cheerleader of the Week, Danielle Hilliard, just did a photo shoot for our pals at LDU. Your jaw will literally hit the floor when you see this. (Lion’s Den U)

Today’s other photo gallery isn’t nearly as… exciting. It’s a look at the best looking currencies from around the world. (Daily Telegraph)

Speaking of Star Wars, here’s a great stop-motion video of an AT-AT walker as the family dog.

A long while back, I ran a video of Alex Trebek reading rap lyric clues on Jeopardy in a homemade autotune song. Turns out that someone at Jeopardy watched that video so they had Alex read more song lyrics but they autotuned it themselves. I guess this means autotune has jumped the shark.


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