Sunday Link-Off: You Oughta Know

Making her SLO debut, here’s Salma Hayek. She’s in some movie opening this weekend that stars radio’s Dan Patrick in a cameo role.

So the Tiger Woods divorce is in the books (more or less). But if you thought other celebrity divorces were ridiculous, this one blows them all out of the water. (The Big Lead)

To help you avoid Tiger’s problem, might I suggest that you read some of the 1000 things that men don’t know about women. (Esquire)

The mystery of the history of obscene gestures in sports photos has been solved. You’ve got to go back over 100 years to find the first photographed bird. (Out of Bounds)

After the jump, ticket rip-offs, a Saudi car failure, and more vuvuzela fun.

Ever buy baseball tickets online? They’re gouging you something awful. (Consumerist)

Mind you, if you think baseball is trying to gouge you, the ticket sellers at the World Cup are worse. (Deadspin)

It seems that we’ve been right on top of this whole John Isner vs. Nicolas Mahut marathon at Wimbledon but we didn’t have the numbers… Until now. (The Sporting Blog)

With all the bad news surrounding OUA football, there looks to be light on the horizon. The Carleton Ravens are poised to make a comeback. (The CIS Blog)

They seem to have all the money in the world in Saudi Arabia. So why would somebody there start a car manufacturer and build this? (Top Gear)

Remember one of my rules of thumb: If I see a good profile of cuz, I’m linking it. Here’s a profile of Bill Murray. (Black Book)

In today’s photo gallery, it’s a look at the only part of the NBA draft that matters. It’s grading the players’ suits. (Bleacher Report)

Yesterday, Jackie had a video of what it would be like if the vuvuzelas invaded Lord of the Rings. Well, Deadspin’s ahead of those dudes. They have annoying vuvuzelas through history. (Deadspin)

George Lucas never met a dollar he didn’t like. He’s licenced out Darth Vader to kick penalties and choke French soccer players for a Mexican cable company.

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