Sunday Link-Off: Happy Valentine’s Day

Maybe Julie Henderson will be my valentine. I doubt it though.

The opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics was quite the sight. Especially the look on Nash and Gretzky’s faces when they realized something had gone horribly wrong. (Gawker TV)

Of course, the Olympics aren’t all fun and games. Protesters bitching about everything are wreaking havoc on Vancouver. (Boston Globe)

And don’t have your Olympic tickets yet? Well VANOC has setup their own version of StubHub to rip you off with service fees help you find tickets to the events you want to go to. (CNBC)

After the jump, Vince’s latest crazy plan, something else, and the SI Swimsuit cover curse.

Since everyone seems obsessed with those Top 100 women lists, Asylum broke down the nuances of the big three lists. (Asylum)

Speaking of breaking down nuances, a man on Craigslist posted a note to the guy that’s having an affair with his wife. He posted all the annoying things he does so he won’t be inconvenienced by them any more. (Lion’s Den U)

Good God! It’s The WWE Channel! The WWE Channel is joining the specialty cable TV channel fray! (Multichannel News)

Republicans are a funny breed. Especially the republicans that bought a billboard in Minnesota to plastered Dubya’s face on it. (Five Blogs Before Lunch)

The Edmonton Oilers have decided the best way to motivate its players is to open an AHL affiliate in hockey purgatory. Suck worse than the rest of that sorry bunch and it’s to Oklahoma with you. (NewsOK)

Oprah may be good in Super Bowl ads but she should avoid doing anything else remotely football related. (The Big Lead)

Good news: A viable alternative to the Mini is now available. Now I have to choose between the Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta, and the new Audi A1. (Top Gear)

Speaking of cars, I have to start planning road trips to some of these roads. (Waze) That makes me wonder where the best driving road in Canada is. Suggestions?

Today’s first photo gallery is jersey fail. And I’m not talking about Jersey Shore. I’m talking about the dumbest mistakes in making jerseys. (Tauntr)

Well, if … won’t be my valentine, then maybe one of the Top 100 SI Swimsuit models of all-time could be my valentine. (Complex) Yes, I realize that I’m pathetic.

We’ve all heard of the SI Cover Curse but I didn’t realize that it also applied to the cover girls of the Swimsuit Issue.

The Toronto Raptors mascot gets up to some strange shit but I think this ranks up at the top of the list.


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